Monthly Recap: December 2021

So after the heaviest rains in the past 30 years this November, the coldest days in the past 30 years have arrived by December. It means that Metro Vancouver and its surrounding mountains turned into a winter wonderland, because there is precipitation, but instead of rain, now it’s snow! And as dull rainy days turned into snowy days, our spirit lifted, as well. You simply have to smile when you look out of the window and everything is white, don’t you think?

We don’t remember such a wonderful white Christmas as this one was, and we’ve rarely seen this much snow in our lives (well, we haven’t lived in Canada before either). In a nutshell, this was our December: white Christmas and family adventures in the snow. And it was so good.


Pump Peak, Mount Seymour, British Columbia, Canada

Falling in love with winter. Here’s the thing: winter has always been our least favorite season. We tried to find the simple joys of it, and managed to find some – like Christmas, the Christmas markets, hot chocolate with friends or the (rare) snowy days. But altogether winter was a cold, dark, colorless season in Hungary that we just wanted to survive. We couldn’t even love nature that much, because the usual Hungarian winter is a grey, bare, muddy “meh”.

Among the many surprises Canada had for us, winter is the most recent one (and such a great one!). As weeks passed in December, we noticed that we actually enjoy winter. Because British Columbia’s winter is beautiful. Overwhelmingly beautiful! With lots of snow, deep, crispy, sparkling white snow. With pine forests and mountain vistas that look like a postcard. We’ve never wanted to travel north in winter, we’ve been dreaming about tropical getaways. We never expected that we’d love winter anywhere. But oh, we do!

Green Lake, Whistler, BC, Canada

Snowy hikes. Do I need to explain? We liked taking snowy hiking getaways to the High Tatras when we lived in Hungary, but COVID made that not an option in the past two years, and Hungary’s mountains rarely got snow – and even then only very little. So it was high time for us to have some snowy hikes and show our curious little toddler what the heck this snow thing is. We got all that here, and didn’t even need to go far. We enjoyed our hikes on Cypress and Seymour Mountains, bordering Vancouver. We enjoyed our day trips to Whistler and Squamish. There’s a lot to see and do here – in winter, too. No, we don’t worry about winter being too long anymore.

That one hike to Pump Peak. We have a favorite hike: the one to Pump Peak in Mount Seymour Provincial Park, which treated us to the best winter vistas we’ve seen in our lives so far! Fresh snow and a clear, sunny, not even extremely cold day made it perfect. Words don’t have enough power here, only pictures:

Pump Peak, Mount Seymour, British Columbia, Canada

Pump peak, Mount Seymour, BC, Canada

Still obsessed with waterfalls. With the frozen ones this time. 🙂 We’ve actually re-visited quite some that are close to our home in the past weeks, and oh my, it’s like we found new waterfalls! They look completely different, and their icy faces are also magical.

Christmas lights in the Burnaby Village Museum. Such a lovely stroll in this open-air museum, definitely helped with the Christmas vibes.

Burnaby Heritage Village, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Going to the pool with Tomi. I’ve never heard of the concept of a community center before. But there are many of them in and near Vancouver, and they provide affordable sporting opportunities to people (I guess, social activities, too, in non-COVID times). What we love the most in our community center is the warm water pools for babies and kids, with all the fun water toys and floating devices. Spending time there is Tomi’s favorite activity! It’s a great option for water fun in the cold months – and also a great option to teach the little ones to swim in a playful way.

Destinations visited

Buntzen Lake, British Columbia, Canada



Cypress & Mount Seymour Provincial Parks

North Vancouver (Deep Cove, Lynn Canyon, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve)

West Vancouver (Cypress Falls Park)

Buntzen Lake, Anmore

Pitt-Addington Marsh, Pitt Meadows

Alice Lake Provincial Park


Still all is in British Columbia, and it’ll stay that way for a while.

Green Lake, Whistler, BC, Canada

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Coming up in January

Pump peak, Mount Seymour, BC, Canada

As COVID-restrictions are getting stricter again, we bury our heads in the fresh, deep, white snow. What could we do, really?! We hope to do lots of snowy hikes and eat tons of brownies that we bake together in January, and just forget about the rest of the world. We had a stunning year that we are grateful for. We will find opportunities and adventures in 2022, too.

Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for following our adventures and hope to see you around next year, as well.

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