Monthly Recap: August 2021

We have big news to share! (If you follow us on the gram, it’s no news to you.) Even though we wanted to shout it from the top of our lungs during the whole summer, we kept waiting to see if everything really turns out the way we hoped. Hah, you never reach a point in your life when you can tell that.

But one thing seems to be pretty sure now: we’re going to Canada in mid-September. Not for a trip, no. We’re moving there. We have our air tickets and an almost empty flat in Budapest. And lots of things to do, both here and there.


Esztergom, Hungary

Making a dream come true. “Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.” This quote applies the best to our life now as we’re packing to move to British Columbia. We lived in California for a year right after our graduation. We came back to Hungary in 2015, and we’ve been thinking about how to move back ever since. Back to California. Back to the West Coast. Back to North America. Live on the ocean coast again. It was a dream of our twenties, and we could make it happen in our thirties. We’re so happy we didn’t give up, and so grateful that it’s finally happening!

We’ve been waiting for all the necessary papers and permits during most of the summer, but we have them now, so we bought the air tickets and arranged our first, short-term accommodation. 

Sooo… “Will you move there forever?” And ever, aham. One thing is certain in life: change. So we don’t know. We found a great opportunity, and we grabbed it. This is what we want now, this is what we have dreamed of for so long. Let’s see how it turns out in the long run. We’re excited.

Feneketlen-tó, Budapest, Hungary

A bittersweet goodbye to our home, family and friends. This summer, especially August, was about saying goodbye. Goodbye to Budapest that we called home for 6 years. Goodbye to our family and friends – with whom we’ll keep in touch, but it will be different. Goodbye to the landscapes of Hungary, the Mediterranean Sea, Central Europe.

We’ve spent our lives in Hungary. As kids, teenegers, students. Later as a married couple, then as parents. Tomi was born here. Our parents, Tomi’s grandparents live here. Our roots are here, and that won’t ever change. Still, moving to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean changes lots of things. We guess we haven’t even fully realized how many. And we’re ready for the changes! Yet there are values – relationships, places, customs, memories and feelings – we don’t want to let go of. Finding the balance, that’s the task – again.

Rám-szakadék Gorge, Danube-Ipoly National Park, Hungary

Short hikes and trips near Budapest. We started planning a trip to the Austrian Alps in mid-August, then we got the news that it’s actually time to pack for Canada instead. We cancelled our Austrian hiking trip, and while we jumped into the million errands awaiting before such a huge change, we made sure we have some lighter days. We met with friends and family, and also took some short hikes in the Pilis Mountains near Budapest.

Like Rám-szakadék Gorge which is the coolest gorge trail in Hungary, or Szelim Cave which was long due but we postponed it too many times. We walked in the lovely city of Esztergom, and we found a magical cave in nearby Kis-Strázsa Mountain: Tündérkapu (Fairy’s Gate in English). We enjoyed hiking in the mountains of Danube-Ipoly National Park in the past years, and it’s definitely among the TOP 3 things why we loved living in Budapest. Yes, we couldn’t leave without some “goodbye hikes”.

Selyem-rét Edcational Trail, Ócsa, Hungary

Our baby turned 2 this August! It seems like yesterday that we were expecting him. On the other hand it feels like we haven’t slept properly for at least a decade. Being a parent is very easy and very hard at the same time. And being parents of our Tomi is something that we are truly grateful for! Happy birthday, baby boy! (Though you just left your baby years behind, you’ll always be our dear baby.)


Incredible amount of errands. It’s one aspect of our big dream that’s not enjoyable, but it has to be done. Moving from one continent to another when you already had a settled life for years, plus a 2 years old kid, well, it can be very-very tiring. There are lots of boring things to do, but these boring things provide accountability and safety in our lives, so we appreciate them. We have to learn a lot about how things work in BC, and that’s overwhelming. Even though sometimes we wish to change with Tomi so that someone else would take care of the “serious adult stuff” while we just laugh and play, we are grateful to have these kinds of problems. Because we are incredibly grateful to have this opportunity.

Destinations visited

Rám-szakadék Gorge, Danube-Ipoly National Park, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Szeged, Hungary

Esztergom, Hungary

Zsámbék, Hungary

Danube-Ipoly National Park, Hungary

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Bea’s book corner

A new topic that I’m quite eager to write about (are you guys interested?)! Reading is another passion of mine, and no matter how busy my life is, I read a few books each month. And I decided to include them in this monthly recap. Whether I recommend them or rather not, I’ll tell you why. So let’s see:

First of all, I rarely read crime stories. I read a few in the past, but this genre has never been really tempting to me. On the other hand, I’m eager to broaden my knowledge of writers, books and literature in general, so I’ve had an emphasis on getting to know foreign and contemporary authors lately. That’s how Kate Morton, a popular Australian contemporary author came into the picture.

The Lake House was the first novel I read, and it was good timing. I needed a novel that’s entertaining and immersive and a bit sentimental. I found it. After finishing it, I thought I needed more of that, so I got another novel from Kate Morton. Another crime story, with several plotlines which don’t seem to connect at first, but get tied neatly together by the end of the book. This is the writing style of Kate Morton, but it worked less in The Clockmaker’s Daughter than in The Lake House.

Some chapters seemed unnecessary, while other plots and characters were abandoned for too long. I found the tone of the chapters of the ghost (who was one of the main characters) unnaturally dramatic, hence a bit irritating. I was disappointed that Elodie, who seemed to be the main character of the present plot, turned out to be just an excuse to tell a story from the past. 

Despite some less enjoyable chapters, it was still an interesting novel overall, and we got a complete puzzle from the pieces by the end. A light, sentimental read.

I wanted to give another chance to a Kate Morton novel, and also, I found her books to be easily readable in English, so I started The House at Riverton. (I often read in English, but it’s not my native language, and I struggle with classics, even with some of the literary fiction novels from contemporary authors.)

In this book 98-year-old Grace recollects her unfortunate role in a fatal deception. The novel has two storylines and is a mix of mystery, drama and romance. I liked it better than The Clockmaker’s Daughter, though the storyline in the present was disappointing, only the past had significance in this story. At this point, the novels from Kate Morton seem to be very similar to me. I know what I can expect, I’ll choose another novel from her if I’m in that mood, but otherwise I feel her books have nothing new to offer.

And currently, I started something very different: We Need To Talk About Kevin, a controversial and successful novel by Lionel Shriver. I’m only halfway, but I’ll surely write about it in next month’s recap.

Coming up in September

Szelim Cave, Hungary

We have a flat to rent out, a car to sell and a flight to take. We have people to say goodbye to. Then we start over: find a flat, find furniture, find a car… arrange everything. Meet new people. Oh, and we want to see the ocean when we arrive!

How about you? How was your August?

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