Architecture Highlights: Little Blue Church, Bratislava

Architecture Highlights: Little Blue Church, Bratislava

Famous churches are usually enormous and impressive… Hordes of tourists can be found around them. Not the Little Blue Church of Bratislava. First of all, as its name says, it’s little. Also, few people know about it.

Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava is not among the most visited European cities, anyway. And Little Blue Church is not even located in the heart of the city. But it’s something worth searching for.

Why has Little Blue Church impressed us?

Little Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

Still it’s the church that impressed us the most in Bratislava. It’s cute. A church that rather looks like a dollhouse. Does that count as a praise? It is. It also reminded us of Gaudí’s buildings in Barcelona. That’s a praise for sure!

Little Blue Church is an ornately decorated Art Nouveau building, and like many others, it looks like it’s right out of a fairy tale. (Yes, we love Art Nouveau.)

Interesting facts

Little Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

Its proper name is the Church of St. Elisabeth, and it was built in 1907-1908. It’s often referred as Little Blue Church because of the light blue color of its facade, mosaics, majolicas and roof.

Little Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

It was built after the plans of Ödön Lechner, a Hungarian architect who was one of the early representatives of the Hungarian Secession movement (Hungary’s Art Nouveau). Some of his most famous works are the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, the Geological Museum of Budapest, Szeged City Hall or Kecskemét City Hall.

Little Blue Church, Bratislava, Slovakia

Little Blue Church is located a bit out of the Old Town in Bratislava. As it was hard for us to find information about its exact location and opening hours, I’m sharing that with you here:

  • Address: Bezrucova 2, Bratislava
  • Open: Mon-Sat 6:30-8:00, 17:30-19:30, Sunday 7:30-12:00, 17:30-19:30

Do you like Art Nouveau? Where have you seen the most special Art Nouveau buildings?


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  1. […] The Church of St. Elizabeth was designed by Ödön Lechner in Hungarian secessionist style. The pale blue hues used to decorate the church – including, oddly enough, its roof – gave it its unofficial nickname. Today, the little blue church of Bratislava is celebrated as one of the city’s most interesting art nouveau landmarks. When in Bratislava, many couples choose this temple to tie the knot – in fact, the Church of St. Elizabeth is a top favorite for religious wedding ceremonies in the city. This religious and architectural landmark is a must-see in Bratislava and fortunately enough, it is free to visit. The church is open daily from 7 am to 7 pm, or, if you are to believe unofficial records, opening times vary. […]

  2. […] architecture in Bratislava made us think of some of the Gaudí buildings we’ve seen in Barcelona. The Little Blue Church, or properly called the Church of St. Elisabeth, is an ornately decorated Art Nouveau building. It […]

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