Amazing Lesser-Known Hikes In Slovakia’s High Tatras

Slovakia’s High Tatras are among our favorite alpine getaways. Since it’s close enough to Budapest (where we live), we spent countless weekends hiking on its strenuous and fabulous trails in the past three years. We’ve already written a post series about our favorite days hikes in the High Tatras. Now it’s time to reveal some of the lesser-known hikes.

Lesser-known hikes in The High Tatras: towards Sedlo pod Ostrvou

The thing we realized while getting to know the High Tatras better is that it forces you to really make an effort in exchange of the beauties it offers. Simply saying, most of its trails are strenuous. But it’s also true that we haven’t found a single trail that wouldn’t have taken our breath away with wonderful views.

Once we explored the most famous trails and conquered the highest peaks, we started to look for lesser-known hikes. We did find quite some and they are no less amazing than the popular ones, you just meet with fewer people on the way. So here comes a new post series – should we call it “off-the-beaten-path hikes in the High Tatras of off-the-beaten-path Slovakia”? 😛 Anyway, here’s a teaser, and individual posts about these hikes are coming soon!

3 Lakes Trail To Batizovské Pleso

Lake Poprad, High Tatras, Slovakia

3 Lakes From Tatranská Polianka: Velické Pleso – Dlhé Pleso – Zamrznuté Pleso

High Tatras, Slovakia

Veľké Biele Pleso – Zelené Pleso In The Belianske Tatras

Zelené pleso, Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

Trail map of the High Tatras

Finally, we want to share the most useful link we found about the High Tatras so far: an online map of all the hiking trails. Since English descriptions and maps about the trails are not very common (we are about to change that, hah), we were happy to find this detailed map – even though we don’t understand anything else on the website. You’re welcome. 🙂

Have you ever hiked in the High Tatras?


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