Kroměříž, The Unpronounceable Gem Of Moravia

Kroměříž, The Unpronounceable Gem Of Moravia

Moravia, the southern region of the Czech Republic was a place we wanted to explore. Why? Because we knew nothing about it. That’s always a good enough reason and in this case, we had another good one: it’s so close to Budapest where we live. We’ve already told you about the fairy tale castle of Lednice and more about our road trip through Moravia is coming soon. But for this time we have another highlight: Kroměříž.

We’ve found a real hidden gem this time!

Kroměříž, Czech Republic

Kroměříž is the name of a picturesque small town and its chateau listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. No, I couldn’t spell its name correctly, I have to admit I copy and paste it every time I write it down, nor I can pronounce it. And we definitely haven’t heard about it before. Does this make it a hidden gem? Either case, it’s a gem. 🙂

Kroměříž, Czech Republic

It’s located south of Olomouc and it was one of our favorite stops in Moravia. The narrow walking streets and colorful squares are centered around Kroměříž Castle. Restaurants, confectionaries and cafés flourish, and guys, we haven’t seen any souvenir shops in the entire town. (I know, I know… we buy souvenirs from time to time, too, but it’s just refreshing to find a place that’s not touristy enough for souvenir shops to appear – yet.)

Kroměříž Chateau

Kroměříž Chateau, Czech Republic

But the highlight of Kroměříž is its chateau. It was the representational residence of Olomouc bishops and archbishops and it’s a castle you need to see from the inside, too. Though the reputable Baroque complex with the courtyard and the large, romantic park doesn’t look bad at all, we were even more impressed by the guided tour of the Representative Halls.

Then we climbed more than 200 stairs up to the chateau tower. But the breathtaking views of Kroměříž below were worth it without any doubt.

Kroměříž, Czech Republic

The Flower Garden

Chateau Garden, Kroměříž, Czech Republic

The romantic Chateau Garden with lovely ponds, pavilions and over 200 rare trees from different parts of the world can be visited for free and we wondered whether it’s worth visiting the Flower Garden for a separate ticket. It’s also located a bit further from the castle building.

Chateau Garden, Kroměříž, Czech Republic

Our curiosity has won. And our reward was quite a unique example of garden art. The Flower Garden of Kroměříž is similar to Versailles in style (not in size, haha), it’s a mix of Renaissance and Baroque. And it’s beautiful!

Useful info

The Representative Halls of Kroměříž Chateau can only be visited on a guided tour. Though guided tours are in Czech, we got textbooks in English.

Kroměříž Chateau, Czech Republic

We could visit the tower and the Flower Garden on our own but separate tickets are required for them. Actually, we bought a combined ticket for all of these attractions. Booking in advance is not needed if you visit individually. We got there, bought our tickets and just caught the next guided tour starting in 5 minutes. Ah, we are just perfect with timing, we can’t help it… 😛 😀

Check the official website of the castle for opening hours and prices!

Have you ever heard of Kroměříž? Or Lednice? Or Moravia?


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