Photo Of November: Hot Springs Of Yellowstone

Yellowstone is the oldest national park not only in the US but in the whole world. And it’s one of our favorite places in the world! It took our breath away with its varied landscapes, wildlife and colorful geothermal wonders. Like this perfectly blue hot spring which was the most popular picture on our Instagram feed this November:

It was actually taken more than a year ago and what you probably wouldn’t guess: it was taken in the middle of July. But with most of its surface above 2000 meters Yellowstone can be a chilly place even in the summer. Weather can change quickly but not only for the worse. Quick showers can be followed by beautiful sunshine.

This is one of our countless favorite shots from Yellowstone – and likely not the last one we post. If you want to read more about what to see and do in Yellowstone read our full itinerary here!

Do you have a favorite national park anywhere in the world?

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