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We are excited to give you deeper insight into some of our favorite hiking places! Or are those the places that we know the best? Probably we love them so much because we know them so much. And we started several blog post series to share our tips and favorite hikes in these areas with you. Here they are:

Best Seasonal Hikes In California

We’ve spent a year in California – a year full of outdoor adventures! California has an incredible variety of natural beauties and every season has some specialties to offer. We’d like to share our favorite seasonal hikes and maybe get even more great ideas from you. So have a look at our series about the best hikes in each season!

Best Day Hikes In The Sierra Nevada, California

Whenever we think of California, our first thought is the ocean and our second is the Sierra Nevada. Everything else comes only after… 🙂

This amazing mountain range is home to three national parks, several wilderness areas, Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America and Mount Whitney (14505 ft / 4421 m), the highest peak in the contiguous United States. Magnificent skyline, hundreds of crystal clear alpine lakes and creeks, breathtaking waterfalls, giant trees and spectacular granite peaks make it a place which will steal your heart at first sight.

We started this series to show you some of the most wonderful day hikes in the Sierra Nevada:

Best Day Hikes In The High Tatras, Slovakia

Living in Central Europe now, our mountain paradise here is the High Tatras. High Tatras (in Slovak: Vysoké Tatry) National Park is one of the 9 national parks in Slovakia. It’s the oldest, the most-visited and the best-known. Tatras Mountains are a unique gem of the Carpathian Mountain range, its only mountains of Alpine type. Its wild peaks, fairy tale valleys, more than a hundred alpine lakes and challenging hikes never ceases to impress us. Never heard about it?

We started this series to show you our favorite day hikes in the High Tatras:

Lesser-Known Day Hikes In The High Tatras, Slovakia

Once we’ve explored the most famous trails and conquered the highest peaks of Slovakia’s High Tatras, we started to look for the lesser-known gems. We did find quite some, and they are no less amazing than the popular ones, you just meet with fewer people on the way.

So here comes a new post series:

Hiking In The Slovak Paradise, Slovakia

Slovak Paradise National Park is a lovely gem of Slovakia with its challenging, beautiful glens and countless waterfalls. We’ve spent quite some time exploring these glens in the past years and we started this series to share them with you. So let’s enter this little paradise together, shall we? (More posts are on the way…)

National Parks Of Hungary

Budapest has became one of the most popular tourist attractions in Eastern Europe lately. But Hungary has more to offer. Budapest is only one of the countless faces of our home country and we want to show you more! After the series featuring our favorite cities, we thought it’s time for you – and for us! – to explore the 10 national parks of Hungary.