Dear Tatras Of Slovakia

Dear Tatras Of Slovakia

I know I was the one who wanted this relationship. I was so eager to get to know you that I was maybe too fast. You didn’t give me a warm welcome – no, it was quite a foggy one. You seemed to keep your distance. But even those long, narrow and sometimes very bad roads couldn’t hold me back. I know I didn’t give you much time, I wanted to get close to your heart immediately. Your very heart, your hidden mountain lakes in the middle of the High Tatras. I’m sorry, but I’m so obsessed with alpine lakes!

High Tatras, Slovakia

There were you. Dressed in fog on that chilly morning in June. But I loved you from the first moment. I know I’m so small and insignificant to be a friend of someone so majestic as you, but I was already happy just to be with you. You can hide your breathtaking peaks into blankets of fog, but you can’t hide all of your beauties from me, especially if I try hard enough to find them. And I really tried.

High Tatras, Slovakia

I met with your lovely crystal clear creeks and playful waterfalls, and tons of colorful wildflowers smiled at me as I was taking that first step towards you. It gave me hope. Those amazing lakes of yours reflected some of your giant dark grey peaks and the mystic foggy landscape. I was patient. I slowly climbed higher and higher and you took my breath away. Being so giant. So wild. So capricious. So beautiful.

Hincovo pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

White fog turned into dark grey clouds. You were angry. I guess you wanted to be alone and you were right. Even such a tiny thing as me disturbed the perfect solitude and beauty of your almost unreachable kingdom.

I left, but I won’t ever forget that day. I decided to love you, no matter what. And I know, eventually you will love me, too.

Hincovo pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

Look forward to seeing you again so much!

With love

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