No, Having A Kid Won’t Stop Us From Travelling

No, Having A Kid Won’t Stop Us From Travelling

Travel together to stay together? One thing is for sure, travel gives tons of opportunities to spend time together, get to know each other in different situations and have awesome adventures together. As friends. As a couple. As a family with kids. No, having kids won’t stop us from travelling. Because travel is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our son.

“Travel as much as you can until you have kids, because then you’ll have a long pause.” “You don’t have kids yet, because you’re afraid you can’t travel then, aren’t you?” “Oh, yeah, you plan to travel with your kid now, but you’ll see then. It’s not that easy. It’s not how you imagine.”

Having A Kid Won’t Stop Us From Travelling - Margaret Island, Budapest, Hungary

Statements and questions we heard so many times – and hate so much. Since when is it everyone’s business whether we have kids or not, when and why or why not? That’s one thing. But since we were expecting our son, there were those indulgent smiles. “Oh, you don’t know it yet. You will – once you have a kid.” Like… is it a threat or something?

Travelers travel, don’t they?

Having A Kid Won’t Stop Us From Travelling - Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

They want us to understand that it’s just not possible. And we refuse to understand that. They say we have to realize that life with a kid will be different. That we can agree with. Still, to us being a parent doesn’t mean that our previous selves cease to exist. We are travelers. We are hikers. We are partners. And now we are parents, too. It should enrich – and definitely not destroy – our previous selves.

Having A Kid Won’t Stop Us From Travelling - Nera Gorge-Beusnita National Park, Romania

Not to mention the simple fact that most of the people, who are so misbelieving when it’s about travelling with kids, haven’t traveled much without kids either. Then maybe it’s not having a kid what makes the difference.

The question for us is not whether we can travel with a kid or not. How could we not travel if we’re travelers? The question is how, where, how often. Our travels will be different. But travel is such an important part of our lives that we couldn’t even imagine letting go of it. It should evolve with us. Our travels shape our lives, and our lives shape our travels.

Enriching our relationship while travelling together

Having A Kid Won’t Stop Us From Travelling - Cascada Bulbuci, Romania

Travel has always been important in our relationship. Our experiences and adventures (and misadventures) together strengthened the bond between the two of us. We spend the most time together when we travel. We see each other in various situations – we get to know the good and the ugly. We learn how to handle these situations, how to support each other. We learn about the world together, as well.

We want our travels to strengthen our relationship with our son, too. We want to do fun things together. We want to spend a lot of time together. We want to learn solving things together. We want to get to know each other in countless different situations. Isn’t it what a family is about?

Travel is a great teacher

Buda Hills, Hungary

We also want our travels to shape our son. To make him an open-minded, brave and curious adult. An adult who is willing to learn new things and new skills, look deep, stand up for things that matter to him, and feel free to live the life he dreamed of.

“We tell people to follow their dreams, but you can only dream of what you can imagine, and, depending on where you come from, your imagination can be quite limited.” – says Trevor Noah in his book Born A Crime. And we agree with that. We want to show the world to our son. We want him to see beyond the borders of our everyday life at home. We want our travels to broaden his imagination.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough

Börzsöny Mountains, Hungary

Uhm… my imagination went quite wild. We are newbie parents, happy and tired, with a little baby not even 3 months old. But we’ve already hiked together. Okay, he literally slept through most of those hikes, but he’ll grow into them. And we’re planning our first trip abroad. The second one, too. We keep on dreaming.

What are your thoughts about travelling as a family with kids?


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