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When you arrive to Prague’s Old Town Square at 5 am due to an early train. There’s hardly anyone around, it’s just you, the fairy tale houses and the cotton candy clouds in the summer sky. And your first thought is “Omg, I have to take pictures right now before it gets crowded.” Then you realize it would be awesome to create a short Insta story, too.

When the first thing you do after buying an ordinary ice-cream is to take pictures of it with the main walking street of Dubrovnik in the background.

Prague, Czech Republic

When you got your first glimpse of the snowcapped peaks surrounding you and the glacier at your feet and the first thing buzzing through your mind is “Wow, this could be the cover photo of my post about hiking in Iceland”.

When you put your sandwich down halfway eating it because the sun started shining again and it’s sparkling on the surface of the lake the way you wanted to photograph it 15 minutes ago. “So don’t you dare eating some stupid sandwich when it can get cloudy in minutes again. Take the picture!”

Veľké Hincovo pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

Shit. Whoever you are, can’t you just get out of my head?

Travel is our dream. A lot of people’s dream. Dreams can become plans. And then memories – memories you want to share. On Facebook, on Instagram or on your blog. You want to share it right away, you want to be connected.

Dona Ana Beach, Algarve, Portugal

But then… are you really connected? Are you present in those special moments? Do you truly experience them or do you just share them? We often realize that the most perfectly captured moments are the ones we end up losing. Because we just can’t be fully present in them. And no matter how much we like taking pictures and blogging about all the wonderful places we’ve been to, there are moments that we want to keep to ourselves. There are moments when we just want to be present – nothing more.

Point Reyes National Seashore, CA, USA

We don’t want to be constantly “connected”. We don’t want to share everything immediately. We don’t want to care whether there’s Wi-Fi in our room. However fancy live sharing becomes, we just can’t help hating it. Sharing stories – especially as travel bloggers – is important to us. We want to connect and inspire. We need to, as well – I guess we are just too obsessed not to.

But we like the solitude of the mountains, too. And we think we have to live our story before we can tell it to others.

What about you? Do you find it challenging to find a balance between living and sharing your adventures?


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