Frozen Budapest

Hungary is a country with four seasons. But that sparkling snowy landscape is only in my childhood memories. The recent winters were mild, grey, muddy and rainy. A bare and dead landscape without the magic of snow – except in our highest mountains for a short period of time. And it’s kind of depressing.

Now this January came with -20℃, ice and snow. Finally. 🙂 And this January we’ve seen something we’ve never seen in our lives before: ice on the Danube, Hungary’s largest river that flows through our capital, Budapest. Actually, it’s not only us who didn’t expect such a cold and harsh winter. Several swans had to be saved from frozen lakes as they got frozen into the lake. Looks like lately everyone has forgotten what winter really means.

Frozen Budapest, Hungary

We were so looking forward to weekends so that finally we can see winter! Because by the time we finish work on weekdays it’s already dark so we could only experience the cold. But on the weekend we took a walk in the heart of Budapest in the sunshine. And here’s what we’ve seen.

Fisherman’s Bastion and stunning snowy views of Budapest:

Fisherman's Bastion in the frozen Budapest, Hungary

Fisherman's Bastion in the frozen Budapest, Hungary

Getting lost in the lovely streets and squares of Buda Castle District:

Frozen Budapest, Hungary

Buda Castle ruins:

Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary

Walking along icy Danube:

Frozen Budapest, Hungary

Frozen Budapest, Hungary

Frozen Budapest, Hungary

Frozen Budapest, Hungary

The view of Gellert Hill from the Pest side:

Gellert Hill, Budapest, Hungary

How is winter where you live?


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