The Fountains Of Versailles Palace

The Fountains Of Versailles Palace

One of our favorite attraction on our first visit to Paris was Versailles PalaceChâteau de Versailles as French call it. While the interior of the palace is overwhelming it’s so crowded that we felt somewhat relieved when we finished our tour in the palace.

The gardens were different. They are so huge that despite of the large number of visitors they can’t really get crowded. And the highlight of the gardens are the fountains. They add such a charm to the gardens and many of them are masterpieces of architecture themselves. However the best thing about them are the fountain shows which run in the summer season.

Versailles Palace, France

Versailles Palace, France

Versailles amazed us with a lot of things but the fountain shows were definitely among the best things we’ve seen there. In this photo essay we share our favorite scenes and moments with you.

Versailles Palace, France

Latona Fountain

Versailles Palace, France

Latona fountain, Versailles Palace, France

Latona fountain, Versailles Palace, France

Dragon Fountain

Dragon Fountain, Versailles Palace, France

Apollo Fountain

Château de Versailles, Paris

Apollo Fountain, Versailles Palace, France

Neptune Fountain

Neptune Fountain, Versailles Palace, France

Have you ever been to Paris? Is visiting Versailles on your list?


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