Festival Of Flowers In European Cities

Festival Of Flowers In European Cities

Have you ever heard about the Festival Of Flowers? No wonder you haven’t, because we made it up for ourselves this spring. Actually, you may heard about flower parades (like this one in Holland), but ours was a bit different. After the gray and rainy winter months we were so looking forwards to the first spring flowers that we decided we will experience spring in as many cities and towns in Europe as we can this year.

So this was our fun challenge, the Festival Of Flowers. And we are quite satisfied not just because the list of visited cities is long enough, but because these beautiful places were even more magical with all the flowers and blooming trees! In this post we collected all the places we covered along with our favorite pictures. Enjoy!

Zagreb, Croatia

Magnolia blossom definitely has a fair share in why we enjoyed walking in the city center of Zagreb so much.

Festival Of Flowers: Zagreb, Croatia

Festival Of Flowers: Trg kralja Tomislava, Zagreb, Croatia

Zürich, Switzerland

Walking on the shore of Lake Zürich was quite refreshing: parks, little boats, birds, the high peaks of the Swiss Alps in the distance… and a clock made of flower.

Festival Of Flowers: Lake Zurich, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Strassburger Denkmal is a statue in front of Basel’s main train station, but what made it really stand out to us is the hundreds of flowers around it!

Festival Of Flowers: Basel, Switzerland

Basel amazed us with some very special pieces of architecture, but some of the ‘just ordinary’ houses have their charm as well. Like this one from the street where our hostel was located.

Festival Of Flowers: Basel, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria

Of course, we couldn’t miss our favorite European city: Vienna has no shortage of colorful flowers – nor beautiful palaces and gardens! We especially loved the vivid red tulips on Rathausplatz, the square in front of the amazing Gothic City Hall.

Festival Of Flowers: Rathausplatz, Vienna

The gardens of Schönbrunn Palace became full of life with the fountains and the tons of flowers planted.

Festival Of Flowers: Gardens of Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna

Belvedere Palace also tried to keep up with the Joneses. 🙂

Festival Of Flowers: Belvedere Palace, Vienna

The white and purple organs were in the peak of their bloom on Heldenplatz filling the whole place with their sweet fragrance. And notice another majestic palace in the background: Hofburg.

Festival Of Flowers: Heldenplatz, Vienna

Burggarten is on the other side of Hofburg Palace and the statue of Mozart had quite a stylish flower decoration.

Festival Of Flowers: Burggarten, Vienna

Paris, France

Luxembourg Gardens is one of the most splendid parks in the heart of Paris.

Festival Of Flowers: Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France

Amboise, France

The lovely small town of Amboise is on the bank of Loire River. In addition it has two castles! Well, having one wouldn’t be such a special thing in the Loire Valley as almost every town has at least one. 😀 (No, I”m honest and the Loire Valley exists, really.) This charming rosy entrance belongs to Château du Clos Lucé.

Festival Of Flowers: Chateau du Clos Luce, Amboise, France

Tours, France

This tempting little park is in front of the elegant building of Hotel de Ville de Tours.

Festival Of Flowers: Hotel de Ville de Tours, France

Blois, France

The square in front of Château de Blois was full of blooming flowers!

Festival Of Flowers: Blois, France

Krakow, Poland

This last one is a bonus. We actually visited Krakow first in the middle of March, but we hardly found any flowers there that time. We got some snow instead. Not all plans are perfect. And ooops! We’ve missed out our own city, Budapest… 😛 Anyway, there will be a new chance next year.

Wawel Castle, Krakow

Would you do a challenge like this?


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  1. There is an amazing array of festivals throughout the world and maybe one day, there really will be a festival of flowers.

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