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Are you looking for tips on how to travel with kids? Or where to travel as a family in the first place? Which cities, trails, beaches to choose with a baby or a toddler? We created this page for you then. 🙂

We couldn’t even count how many times we were told that our travels will be over once we have a kid. And we scream “No, no, no!” just as intensely inside today like we did each time we heard this. Because we believe that travel is not only possible, but it’s fun with kids, and helps strengthen our bonds through experiences and challenges that we get through together.

Though we travelled together as a couple for 7 years, we’ve just started to get a taste of family travel since our son was born 1.5 years ago. We took him hiking on his fifth week – and from then on – and on several road trips in his first year. We flew with him for the first time when he was 1.5 years old – and not earlier only because of coronavirus, not him.

So here comes the collection of our tips and experiences about family travel – scroll down to see more:

Family travel inspiration

This is what we think about travelling as a family.

Amazing family travel destinations

We think any destination can be great with kids – there are kids everywhere in the world, after all. But we share some of our favorite places where we travelled with our son so far (check back for updates as time passes):

Travelling with a baby

Travelling with a toddler

Travelling when pregnant

Follow our current adventures

We’ve been travelling together for more than 8 years, and our baby boy who was born last year also joined us on our adventures. We have extensively travelled throughout Europe and the USA, especially California. We’ve had a wonderful campervan trip in Australia where we dream to return.

We will continue to explore Europe, but we’d also like to visit more places in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Asia in the following years.

We can’t wait to share our favorite adventures along the way.

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