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Hungary. Our home country. And the country where we’ve spent most of our lives. Growing up in the Southeastern part of Hungary, we’ve moved to Budapest more than 3 years ago. Despite of this, we still feel there are lots of things to explore here, and it’s a city one can never get bored of. We didn’t always like Budapest – it’s a long story -, but nowadays we think it’s one of the coolest cities in Europe and we’re lucky to call it home.

Everything about Budapest

So first of all, let us show you EVERYTHING about Budapest. 🙂 Whether you visit in spring, summer, autumn or winter, Budapest is magical in each season. And it offers exciting events from music festivals in summer to Christmas markets in winter. (Make sure you check back here often as we are going to write about Budapest a lot.)

Magic of the seasons in Budapest

Our favorite places in Hungary

But Hungary has much more to offer than just Budapest (though that’s quite a lot already 😀 ). We have lovely cities, pretty castles, fine wine and 10 amazing national parks. Here are our favorite places from all over Hungary to give you some ideas beyond Budapest:

7 charming Hungarian cities you’ve probably never heard of

Though Budapest is by far the largest and most magnificent city in Hungary, there are several others that are worth visiting. They amaze with stunning architecture and exciting museums. And the thing is, until you haven’t been to the countryside (meaning outside of Budapest), you haven’t really seen Hungary.

We’ve written a blog post series to introduce you to seven charming cities of our home country. They show you another face of Hungary, and let us assure you it’s a pretty face:

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National parks of Hungary

From UNESCO protected Hortobágy to diverse Danube-Ipoly just outside of Budapest, or Aggtelek with its magnificent karst caves, Hungary has 10 national parks. We have to admit that however small our country is, we haven’t been to all of our national parks yet. Though we failed our challenge to visit all of them within one year, we haven’t given up. Join us as we explore them, and we’ll show you their unique beauties:

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