Explore Central Europe

Living in Hungary, all the nearby countries are easily reachable, if only for a random weekend trip. We’ve traveled in Central Europe quite extensively in the past couple of years. Actually, it feels like a second home, and it also feels like the more we explore, the more is left to be explored (can anyone relate to this, dear travel addicts?).

But we show you the best cities, towns, castles, beaches and national parks we’ve found in Austria, Czechia, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania so far. And more to come…

The coolest cities in Central Europe

Splendid, vibrant, exciting, surprising. Full of culture and history. Classic and funky. You choose, but there’s no wrong choice. 🙂

The most adorable small towns

From the pretty mountain villages of the Alps to the narrow cobblestone streets of Adriatic beach towns:

Romantic castles

The best road trips

Best seasonal hikes

We started a series to tell you all about our favorite hikes in the Central European countries in every season:

Wonderful hiking trails

From the Alps through the Tatras (and Fatras, in case you haven’t heard of them yet) to the Carpathians, hiking opportunities are endless in Central Europe. Though it’s just as impossible to name our favorites as it is to explore ALL of them, let’s give it a try:

Waterfall hunt in Central Europe

Because we are after waterfalls wherever we go in the world…

Beaches of the Adriatic coast

If all those wonderful cities, towns and mountains are still not enough, there are some nice beaches:

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