The Cutest Baby Animals

The Cutest Baby Animals

We have a bunch of reasons to love spring. It’s the time for nature to wake up from its winter dream. It’s the time for buds, wildflowers and long walks in the parks. It’s a new start. And it’s time for us to put our winter coats into the wardrobe and take out our hiking boots. Awh… and it’s also time for cute baby animals to born. Whether visiting zoos or hiking in the mountains or just walking in parks it’s cuteness overload everywhere. So here are some of our favorite shots of cute baby animals because… because cute baby animals. 🙂

Baby Animals: Baby mountain goat in Glacier National Park


Baby Animals: Swans in the park

Baby Animals: Baby swan

Baby Animals: Sea lions in Monterey harbor

Baby Animals: Baby sea lion at Point Reyes, California

Baby Animals: Baby peacock with its mom

Baby Animals: Baby peacock

Baby Animals: Bisons in Yellowstone National Park

Where do you spy on cute babies?



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2 Responses

  1. Ashley Willis says:

    AWWW! That swan and duckling is so so so cute…

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