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Looking for places to visit in Croatia? Want to know about the best beaches, the most fabulous old towns and spectacular off-the-beaten-path destinations? You’re at the right place, just scroll below. 🙂

Living in Hungary, Croatia is our neighboring country, and we took countless shorter and longer trips there – as kids, as a couple and as a family with a small kid, as well. It’s one of our favorite countries in Europe, and it’s much more than its crystal clear, wonderful beaches. No matter which season you visit or how long you stay, we have plenty of ideas to help you get the best out of it.

Best time to visit Croatia

Croatia has two climates: Mediterranean climate along the coastline and continental climate in the interior of the country. Summers are hot, dry and sunny, springs and falls tend to be pleasant, and winters are cold inland, but milder on the coast. Mediterranean winters rarely have snow, but they can be wet. A strong wind called the bura is also typical on the coast in the winter months.



Days are long, hot and sunny, especially on the Mediterranean coast. Towns and beaches are jam-packed with tourists, prices are high. It’s the best time for swimming in the sea and enjoying beaches.

April – May & Sept – Oct


Weather is fine, and the number of visitors is lower. Summer can stretch out into September which is our favorite time to visit Croatia! May can also be nice and sunny, but the sea is not yet warm enough for swimming. Shoulder season is great for hiking, sightseeing and exploring national parks.

Nov – March


Winters are cold inland, and milder but stormy on the coast. They can be suitable for sightseeing, and you probably find plenty of inexpensive deals. However, the number of possible tourist activities are significantly lesser than between late spring and early fall, especially on the coast.

Best of Croatia travel tips

Looking for unique experiences, off-the-beaten-track places and important things to know about traveling in Croatia? We share what we know about them:

Best of the Adriatic coast

The best coastal towns and cities, beaches and more:

Best of the islands

Croatia has more than 1100 islands and islets – so many wonderful secrets to reveal. Here are our guides about the islands we visited:

Where to go hiking in Croatia?

Because Croatia is so much more than its beaches! We show you our favorite national parks and hiking trails:

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