Confessions To The One I Cannot Live Without

Confessions To The One I Cannot Live Without

It’s that day of the year again. The day dedicated to selling millions of expensive flowers in the middle of winter love. And I feel guilty. Because most of the times I just forget about you. Though I cannot live without you. Ever since I can remember you’ve been there with me and I guess I’m just used to that. But today I don’t take you for granted.

Today I want to thank you. You’ve been my best companion in all the happy moments and all the hardships of my life. Life is so much easier with you on my side! I find strength in you. I find comfort in you. I find courage in you. You fill my days with laughter. You are there for me even when I feel completely alone. Even when I feel disappointed or angry or useless. You just come and save me in an instant.

Confessions To The One I Cannot Live Without: Nin Beach, Croatia

I can’t live without you. Everything would turn grey in life – not to mention that I would probably turn crazy – if you would leave me. I need you like caffeine addicts need their first cup of coffee to start the day. Oh well, that sounds a bit sick so give me another try. I need you like warm champagne needs chilling. Like tabloids need scandals. Uhm… Am I getting better? Let me search further for my mushy-gushy voice. I need you like I need to breathe. Oh, finally. I need you like plants need sunshine. Please, please stay with me and make me laugh forever and ever. It is your duty anyway.

* * *

Because how would I live without my sense of humour?


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