Christmas Spirit In Vienna

Christmas Spirit In Vienna

After visiting the Christmas market in Budapest last week we decided that we want even more Christmas experience. So what could have been a better choice than driving to Vienna this weekend?

We love Vienna so much, anyway. And its Christmas market is famous all over Europe. So why not go and visit now? This was the first time we’ve seen the city at Christmas time and we’ve fallen in love with it even more!


Vienna’s elegant city center and its majestic churches and palaces are impressive any time of the year. But this time they are beautifully decorated and lit up in the evenings, and you see Christmas trees and bigger and smaller Christmas markets everywhere in the city.


Oh and people, too, a lot of people as you would expect. Because who would miss this magical experience and the delicious Christmas punch? See, I thought so. 🙂


Another interesting aspect for me is that I’ve never thought I would love a one and a half day Christmas market experience because of the simple fact that I can’t stand cold (and I’m very, very, very sensitive to it). But I loved it. Vienna, what you’ve done to me? 😀

So let me guide you through this Christmas fairy tale.

Main market at Rathausplatz



The heart of everything is the Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz. Now, if Vienna City Hall (Rathaus) is included in something that could not be bad. It’s one of our favorite piece of architecture and it’s no surprise that the square in front of it is chosen to host the biggest Christmas market in the city.

Christmas Village


Maria Theresien Platz is only a couple of minutes walk from Rathausplatz and it gives home to the Christmas Village. It’s a smaller and not so crowded (well, it’s relative, but compare it to the main one) Christmas market.

Advent Market at Karlskirche


The Advent Market in front of Karlskirche is a simpler and more traditional one. The nativity scene has live animals and kids can play in the straw which cover the area in front of the church.

Walking in the city center


Michaelerplatz also has a small Christmas market with the view of the majestic Hofburg Palace in the background. From here it’s worth taking a walk on Kohlmarkt, Graben and Karntner Strasse as these are the most beautifully decorated streets.


And no, this is not the end of the list, far from that. Because there’s Christmas market at Stephansplatz, too: tiny huts in the shadow of the huge cathedral.


Go back in time

There’s two additional Christmas markets a bit further from the city center: in front of Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palaces. Both of the palaces give such a special atmosphere to the markets, it’s like going back a couple of hundreds years in time.



The Christmas tree matches really well with the classical building of the Austrian Parliament.


And the tram operating in front of the City Hall is decorated, too.


Trees at Rathausplatz have different colors after dark.


What we loved the most is that all the details are just perfectly in place. Our perfect Christmasland.

Do you like Christmas markets? Does Vienna’s market sound something you would love to visit?


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