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Visit Hortobágy National Park, Hungary

Hortobágy National Park is the first Hungarian national park. It’s also our only national park that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well. It’s iconic, rich with folklore and cultural history. But why is it worth a visit?

[Video post] Wildlife Wonders In Glacier National Park, Montana

Our visit to Glacier National Park in Montana fulfilled an old dream. Oh, it was fulfilled! The untouched, serene beauties of this park stole our heart and it surprised us with more wildlife encounters than we had in any of the US national parks before. Mountain goats with their babies. Curious marmots. Proud bighorn sheep.…
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[Video post] 3 Cities, 3 Faces Of Poland: Warsaw, Wrocław, Łódź

We’ve finally got beyond Kraków on our second visit to Poland. Not that Kraków wouldn’t have been amazing enough but there’s so much more to Poland! Like Warsaw with its colorful fairy tale Old Town and majestic palaces, Wrocław with its spectacular Town Hall and the cutest gnomes in the world or Łódź, this awakening…
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[Video post] Castle Hunt In Moravia, Czech Republic

Do you love castles as much as we do? Let’s get into the car and head down the narrow country roads of Moravia. Don’t get too distracted by the millions of vivid red poppies that cover the landscape in early summer because astonishing castles are waiting for you. It’s really just a little bit of…
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[Video post] Strolling Through Warsaw, Poland

We fell in love with Poland on our first visit to Kraków. Now we fell in love again when visiting Warsaw. Poland’s capital has an incredibly rich cultural heritage, a fairy tale Old Town, colorful historical houses and cobblestone streets, six majestic palaces, beautiful parks and a walking street that’s about 10 kilometres long. (Yes,…
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[Video post] Fall For Grand Teton National Park!

The United States has a lot of large, diverse, beautiful national parks and Grand Teton is one of the lesser known ones. It’s in northwestern Wyoming right south of its world-famous brother, Yellowstone National Park. That’s how we found it actually: we planned a road trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton seemed like a nice…
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[Video post] Welcome To California’s Fascinating Volcanic Park!

California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park was definitely not on our bucket list previously. How could it have been if we’ve never heard about it before? But spending a year in the San Francisco Bay Area gave us a chance to explore all the national parks nearby and we took every chance to do just that.…
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[Video post] On The Search For Seals Along California’s Pacific Coastline

The ocean is very deep and cold along California’s Pacific coastline and it’s the main reason that it has an incredibly rich marine life. Whales, dolphins, sea otters and seals can be spotted often even from the shore. Seals actually come to the shore to rest from time to time so we saw them the…
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[Video] Colorful Moments From Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the first one not only in the US but all over the world – established in 1872. And it’s one of the most varied, colorful and beautiful national parks we’ve ever been to. Definitely one of our favorites. Though we’ve already written about it a lot (see our 3 days itinerary…
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