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Best Summer Hikes In Central (Or Eastern?) Europe

Summer is our favorite hiking season! That’s the time to take the high mountain trails and conquer those goddamn peaks. So we share our favorite summer hikes in Central Europe with you in this post. We are those people who look forward to summer days not to go to the beach, but to head to…
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Best Late Spring Hikes In Central (Or Eastern?) Europe

As the weather warms up, days get longer, snow melts and late spring comes, we can hike higher and higher. And we do hike a lot, enjoy the wildflowers that start to bloom at higher elevations and the waterfalls that are roaring. The second piece of our seasonal hiking guide to Central Europe is about…
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Best Early Spring Hikes In Central (Or Eastern?) Europe

We’ve been planning to write a comprehensive seasonal hiking guide to Central (or Eastern?) Europe since ages. We live here, we hike here A LOT! So let’s see the best hikes to do in early spring first. Oh, and whether it’s Central or Eastern Europe, we’ve already written a long post about that. In a…
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Visit Danube-Drava National Park, Hungary

Once upon a time we decided to visit all the Hungarian national parks and tell you why you should visit them, too. Well, the project is still in progress, but we share the news with you from time to time. This time we show you Danube-Drava National Park that we visited last spring. Located in…
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Why Should You Visit Belvedere Palace & Gardens In Vienna?

Vienna has stunning architecture and pretty parks. The Belvedere Palace and Gardens are a wonderful example of both. The Baroque palaces of the Upper and Lower Belvedere are set in a landscape that makes you feel like you’re in a costume movie set. What makes the gardens of Belvedere Palace so special? The French style…
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Hiking In Kôprová Valley In The High Tatras

I was doing a research about waterfalls in Slovakia. Because one can never get enough of pretty waterfalls, right? At least we can’t. So we were happy to figure there’s a large waterfall in that part of the High Tatras we haven’t been yet. Naturally, it became the main scene of our next weekend getaway.…
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Visit Hortobágy National Park, Hungary

Hortobágy National Park is the first Hungarian national park. It’s also our only national park that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well. It’s iconic, rich with folklore and cultural history. But why is it worth a visit?

Photo Essay: Orange

Orange is a happy color. It’s full of energy. It’s vibrant. It’s the color of autumn. Bright sunsets. Pumpkins. Halloween. Fire. Mango. California poppies. The Dalai Lama in his bright orange robes. Prison uniforms in the USA. Cheetos. Its name was taken from a fruit: orange. What does the color orange mean? Orange combines the…
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Photo Essay: Yellow

Yellow is the brightest color the human eye can see. Sunflowers. Sand. Ducklings. Daffodils. Tulips. Bananas. Gold. Autumn leaves. Yellow is also the color of sunshine and summer. It gets attention – just think of street signs and taxicabs. And the original smiley is yellow, too. What does the color yellow mean? Optimism, cheerfulness, sunshine,…
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