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32 Things Travel Has Taught Me

32 Years, 32 Things Travel Has Taught Me

I turned 32. Having waved goodbye to my 20s and being a prudent 30-something, I think I deserve the gift of pouring some wisdom into the air. But taking the joke aside, this past year (uhm… rather one and a half) made me think of all the things travel has given me. Beyond the memorable…
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Monthly Recap: May – June 2021

We’ve recently arrived home from our first road trip this summer, from Serbia and North Macedonia, and we’re doing something highly unusual now: having a family vacation. Okay, it’s mostly Tomi who has all the free time to spend with his grandparents, while his parents – that’s us, hah – are busy working and organizing…
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Toddler-Friendly Hiking Trail?

There’s No Such Thing As A Toddler-Friendly Hiking Trail

We are hikers. We have a kid, 20 months old when I’m writing this post. And I’m telling you there’s no such thing in the world as a toddler-friendly hiking trail, still, it’s a wonderful experience hiking with your toddler. Let me explain. The reason no hiking trail is safe for a toddler is because…
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Which Is The Perfect Kind Of Beach For A Baby?

It’s easy, isn’t it? Of course, it’s a sandy beach. Except, you’ll realize within a few hours on the beach that sand will get into everywhere – and when I say it, I mean it. Especially if you have a little crawler who drools a lot. His hands and half of his face are constantly…
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How Was It Flying With A Toddler For The First Time?

Oh, we had our perfect plans – about flying with our baby, and about parenthood, as well. Any parent reading this, we bet they laugh out now. Rightly so. Nothing ever happens how you plan it, that’s one of the most important lessons we learned as parents. Being an obsessive planner, maybe a bit of…
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Monthly Recap: April 2021

April was a good month. It started in Tenerife, and it ended at home, in Hungary, getting our first vaccines! You know which vaccine, the one everyone’s waiting for. Honestly, we didn’t even hope to get it before the summer, so it’s a huge relief. Though our second shots are still due, we’ll likely get…
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Monthly Recap: February-March 2021

After some serious emotional lows in February and early March, we had three weeks of pure joy from mid-March: our first trip this year! To Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. It was not a plan, but a hope, and we didn’t tell anything about it before, because we didn’t believe it could happen…
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Monthly Recap: January 2021

It’s such a cliché to say that we don’t really like the trial version of 2021, so we’d like to give it back, please. This is our general feeling though, and we’re not alone. Lots of people were waiting for 2020 to end, because a new year brings new hopes. Of course, we all knew…
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Monthly Recap: December 2020

Our December was quiet. We spend our free time outdoors as much as we can, but winter months are the exception. Days are cold and grey. We haven’t seen any snow yet. Though it snowed in the mountains, it already melted by the time we got there. There were no Christmas markets to tempt us…
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