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Looking for places to visit in California? It’s one of the most diverse (and sunny!) states in the USA. Home to the Pacific Coast with pretty beaches, scenic drives and rich marine life, vibrant cities, breathtaking national parks, lush forests and deserts, the hottest place and the largest and tallest trees on Earth. California even has volcanoes!

Want to find its most wonderful sights, know all the insider tips and visit places off the beaten track? We’re here to help.

We’ve lived in California for a year in 2014 and 2015, and we spent that year travelling extensively all over the state – and in other US states, too, as much as we could. California is ideal for road trips, and no matter how much time you have, we have lots of tips and guides to help you craft your perfect itinerary.

Highlights of California

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Best time to visit California

California is huge. Its climate depends on latitude, elevation and proximity to the coast. We think any time of the year could be great for a visit, and even though summer is the high season because of school holiday, California doesn’t really have a low season, and it’s popular throughout the year.

Summer (Jun-Aug) is the busiest

While inland areas (and deserts) can get unbearably hot during the summer, weather gets more pleasant as you get closer to the coast. The ocean coast itself can actually be quite cool, windy and foggy, especially around San Francisco and on the North Coast. Some of the high mountain trails in the Sierra Nevada and the Shasta Cascades are only open during the summer months.

The rest of the year is still popular – for a good reason

With somewhat less visitors than in summer, all the other seasons in California offer pleasant weather. For visiting deserts, this is the best time – any time other than summer.

Early spring (March and April) is the time for wildflower blooming on the coast and the hillsides, May is the best month to see waterfalls. Early autumn (September and October) can be the most pleasant on the coast – it means beach weather and the warmest water temperatures in the south, and sunny days without the summer fog in the north.

Winter (December-February) is the wettest, but California turns magically green. It snows only in the high mountains where you can even go skiing. Deserts start blooming in February.

Best of California travel tips

Looking for unique experiences, off-the-beaten-track places and important things to know about traveling in California? We share what we know about them:

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