Short Scenic Hikes In Utah Desert

I couldn’t believe that once I thought hiking in a desert must be boring and all the same. Several occasions proved me wrong on that. One of these experiences was a day when we were travelling to Zion National Park in Utah, but stopped for a couple of short hikes during the day. Advantages and challenges…
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Waterfall Hunt In New York State Parks

If you hear ‘New York’ and ‘waterfall’ I bet you think of Niagara Falls. You are right, it’s the greatest waterfall in the world after all. However, Niagara is not the only waterfall worth exploring in New York State. We’ve done a short road trip from New York City to Niagara Falls and explored such…
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Cinder Cone Trail, The Best Volcano Hike In California

Have you ever conquered a real volcano? Have you ever got down to the bottom of its crater? Here’s your chance if you take the Cinder Cone Trail in California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park. This not so well-known park was a great surprise for us. It was not one of the national parks we’ve always…
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Best Beaches In Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian islands was the first tropical destination we’ve visited. Several years after that 10 wonderful days we’ve spent there (post updated in 2018), we still think that Kauai is one of the most amazing pieces of the world, dominated by lush green and turquoise colors. Being such a famous dream destination…
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Exploring Stuttgart And Places Nearby

If you ask about people’s favorite German city, I guess very few would mention Stuttgart. At first glance, there’s not much there, Stuttgart is rather an industrial city and not a typical one for tourists. There’s stuff to see here – cool stuff! My brother worked in Stuttgart for half a year so we grabbed…
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Why Should You Visit Seattle?

Honestly, Seattle has never been on our travel bucket list. But we happened to travel from Mount Rainier to Olympic National Park this summer and Seattle was kind of ‘on the way’, so we thought why not spend a day there. And we haven’t regretted we did – it would have been a great mistake…
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Best Autumn Hikes In California

One of the many reasons we love California is that it’s perfect for hiking all year. Every season has some specialties to offer though and there’s some extremes which is good to know about. We’ve started this series to show you our favorite California hikes for all the seasons. Let’s start with autumn, so you can…
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24 Hours In Bratislava, Slovakia

Though Slovakia’s largest city, Bratislava is one of the smallest capitals in Europe. It’s not one of those cities where you would spend days, hopping from one famous sight to the other. But visiting its pretty little old town and discovering its quirky street art will fit into an enjoyable (and busy) 24 hours. And…
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Hiking In The Desert Is FUN: Indian Canyons, Palm Springs

Home to California fan palms, clear creeks and being surprisingly full of life and beauty, the Indian Canyons on the Agua Caliente Cahuilla tribal land were the highlight of our trip to Palm Springs. If you are only going to hike one place in the area, we’d recommend this one and we tell you why.