You Everything-To-Know Guide To Sopron, Hungary

Doing a road trip in Central Europe, there’s a charming town on the way from Budapest to Vienna: Sopron. Okay, it’s a small detour from the highway, but a nice addition to your road trip. Dating back to the Roman times, Sopron fascinates with its history and pastel-colored old town (cobbled streets included!). It’s also…
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Confessions To The One I Cannot Live Without

It’s that day of the year again. The day dedicated to selling millions of expensive flowers in the middle of winter love. And I feel guilty. Because most of the times I just forget about you. Though I cannot live without you. Ever since I can remember you’ve been there with me and I guess…
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Our Green Paradise: Mljet Island, Croatia

Croatia is a country easy to fall in love with. With its 3600 miles of seafront and more than 1100 islands and islets, its amazing cultural heritage and some of the most beautiful national parks in Europe it’s a destination which deserves its place on every bucket list. At least, it was very high on…
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12 Instagrammers That Make You Want To Travel Like Now!

Instagram is a strange thing. We love it and hate it. In one hand it’s one of the best places for travel inspiration. On the other hand it’s one of the greatest cheaters in the world. Okay, it’s just our opinion. 😀 But since only insta worthy pictures are posted every destination looks like… uhm……
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Why Should You Visit Pécs, Hungary?

Budapest, our capital is well-known and touristy enough. But a lot of people visiting Hungary ask what else there is that’s worth seeing. Whether you like nature or culture or history, we hope to give you some ideas. Like Pécs, the city of culture.

Monthly Recap: January 2017

We planned so many new things for this new year and one of them is this exact post. So far we published our most popular Instagram photo at the end of each month and now we want to replace that with a new tradition: a monthly recap at the end of each month. We plan…
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Frozen Budapest

Hungary is a country with four seasons. But that sparkling snowy landscape is only in my childhood memories. The recent winters were mild, grey, muddy and rainy. A bare and dead landscape without the magic of snow – except in our highest mountains for a short period of time. And it’s kind of depressing. Now…
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Our 10 Days Croatian Itinerary You Should Steal

We had some fabulous trips this past year and we’ve already shared a lot of details about them. It’s not the case with Croatia, one of our new favorite countries! This time we decided to share our itinerary first. Party because we feel even months after the trip that is was the perfect itinerary for…
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The Most Charming European Capital: Ljubljana

If you are looking for amazing European cities off the beaten path go to the Balkans. That’s the rule we are following now. And after discovering how lovely and underrated city Zagreb (capital of Croatia) is, our next destination was Ljubljana. So get prepared to be introduced to the most charming European capital in this…
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