5 Places To Taste The Best Hot Chocolate In Budapest

5 Places To Taste The Best Hot Chocolate In Budapest

Our favorite thing to do in Budapest on a cold, rainy day is drinking hot chocolate. Actually, it’s true for any city but since we live in Budapest we have plenty of time to research the options here thoroughly. Like the long months of winter that we’ve just left behind. Or the chilly, windy days of spring and autumn. Okay, I can easily find an excuse for hot chocolate any time of the year.

Hot Chocolate In Budapest

Whether it’s a sweet getaway for the two of us or a girls’ evening with one of my friends, a place that offers delicious hot chocolate seems like the perfect choice – said the chocolate addict. 😀 But where can you find truly delicious hot chocolate in Budapest? Let me share my favorite places with you.

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Noir Choco Bar

Noir Choco Bar is a relatively small, cosy place and chocolate is their specialty in any form: chocolate fondue, chocolate dessert, chocolate essences – and of course, hot chocolate! They offer hot chocolate in so many flavours – even with alcohol if you’d like it – that I think we need a couple of more long winters to try all the choices.

Their hot chocolate is probably among the most expensive ones but it’s the best I’ve ever tasted. They rarely have free tables in the evening so you’ll better book one ahead.

Rengeteg RomKafé

You might have heard of Budapest’s famous ruin pubs but I bet you haven’t heard about a ruin café yet. Well, that’s Rengeteg RomKafé! We were not given a menu, we were asked a question instead: what kind of hot chocolate would you like to drink? We asked back about the choices and the friendly owner reassured us that whatever we choose, he will be able to make it, so we can ask for anything. So we ended up getting confused by the limitless options. 😀

The hot chocolate is delicious, the place has a warm, friendly vibe and it’s right next to Élesztő, one of the most popular craft beer ruin pubs.


Desszert.Neked is much more dangerous than a simple hot chocolate place. They also offer all kinds of special quality desserts that are hard to resist. And there’s no point, because what else would go so well with a glass of hot chocolate than a tiny, sweet dessert?

In addition to the French style mousses, tartes or macarons, they also offer some traditional Hungarian sweets with a creative tweak (like Rákóczi túrós). Their hot chocolate is of good quality and I especially liked the gingerbread flavour they offered around Christmas time.

Ahoy Chocolate & Lemonade Bar

We like the hot chocolates in Ahoy just as much as the shakes and smoothies. We can put together our dream drink from a lot of options – different kind of hot or cold base chocolates with plenty of flavours and toppings. The place is cosy, the staff is kind and it’s located close to lovely Egyetem Square (Egyetem tér).

Café Zsivágó

A place where time stopped. The atmosphere of the 19th century surrounds you. It could have been one of those places where poets and writers got together for long discussions or just for sitting in a cosy corner to work on their next book. And we like their huge variety of cafés and hot chocolates as much as the retro style and relaxing atmosphere. This is a place to feel the old Budapest.

Well, here’s to the sweet moments! Do you like hot chocolate?

P. S. Special thanks to my dear friend, Kriszti for being my partner in crime to explore all the places that any sweet-toothed should explore. 🙂


This post was updated in July 2019.

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  1. Becky says:

    What a great post idea! I love hot chocolate and I definitely have t acme back to this post when I travel to Budapest! 😀

  2. […] the end of the day, treat yourself with a hot chocolate. Because that’s your reward for doing anything outside in the cold months. […]

  3. Adalia says:

    Hot chocolate is something that I try in nearly every place I travel. I really appreciate y’all putting this guide together.

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