50 Best Gifts For Hikers In 2021 – For Any Budget!

Trying to figure out what your outdoor loving friend, partner or family member would love to get as a gift? As outdoor lovers ourselves, we have tons of ideas! And we’re also familiar with the feeling of being completely lost when gift shopping. (Have I already mentioned how much we hate shopping in general? That’s one reason we work hard to be the most efficient shoppers on the planet. Well, it’s important to have goals that you can keep working toward all your life.) 

Anyway, we also decided to put together the only gift guide you need for hiking goodies. Just decide on your budget, and browse through our list to find something that would put a smile on the face of your loved one. We specifically collected gift ideas for partners (him or her) and couples, too. Whether they are preparing for the Pacific Crest Trail, do hiking getaways each weekend or hike occasionally, you find useful, unique things both for day hiking and backpacking trips here.

We think good gifts are not very expensive, but they show that you know the other well and care for them. That’s one reason we leave the most expensive items – like hiking jackets or hiking boots, trail running shoes, camping tents, GPS and satellite devices – out of this guide. The other is that these are typically items that you can’t easily choose for someone else, and we’d prefer choosing them for ourselves, as well. But then where’s the surprise? So let’s see those outdoors items that can be great as gifts.

Under $15

You won’t even imagine how many actual useful or simply delightful things you can find that don’t cost much. They are a great choice for colleagues, friends or distant relatives with whom you normally exchange small presents. Or if you’re on a very limited budget, but want to surprise the most important people in your life.

A book to teach one finding way in the wilderness

You have a hiking or navigation app on your phone, of course. But you can’t always just rely on that – or on your phone’s battery. The skill of using a map and a compass are still essential in the wilderness, especially if you’re backpacking or hiking in remote areas.

The book “Wilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter & GPS” teaches the essentials about land navigation in a simple way. You don’t even need to read the entire book, you can choose the portions that suit your conditions. And once you’re done with the basics, you can finish the more in-depth portions.

Check current price here!

Medical kit for day hikers

You say an emergency kit might not be the perfect gift. But there are people who like getting these kinds of insanely practical things – and certainly much more than anything pretty, cute or sentimental. And the Adventure Medical Mountain Series Medical Kit Day Tripper Lite would be truly useful if anything goes wrong on the trail. Compact, well-organized (content in clearly-labeled pockets) and easy to use, it’s a must have for the average day hiker.

Oh, and it’s all stored in a water-resistant bag – because you need it for the outdoors.

In case you’re looking for more, they offer larger medical kits for more people and longer trips, like this one for backpackers.

Check current price here!

Body Glide anti chafe balm stick

Whether it’s because of irritation from wet or scratchy clothing, or due to steady friction of skin-against-skin, chafing easily kills the hikers’ high. And it happens quite often after a few days of intense hiking, especially with a heavy pack. This is the treat for it, before and after. The Body Glide anti chafe balm stick provides a protective layer. It’s effective, scent-free and allergen free, and lets your skin breathe.

Check current price here!

MAXTOP stylish and practical fanny pack

Fanny pack, really?! There are the people who hate them, because they’re so not cool. And there are the people who love them, because they’re so practical. I’m the latter. For me, stuffed pockets are not cool. And I usually carry many things I want to keep with me all the time – phone, wallet, keys. Anyway, call them waist packs. 😛 They’re great not only for hiking, but also jogging, travelling, sightseeing, visiting concerts or festivals. It’s for the times when pockets are not enough, but a backpack is too cumbersome.

This model from MAXTOP comes with four zippered pockets, one of which is a hidden back pocket. It’s made of water-resistant material and has a widely adjustable strap. It’s stylish and is available in many colors – you know, just to be cool wearing it.

Check current price here!

Reusable food storage bags

Simple, practical, eco-conscious. This pack of 6 sandwich bags and 6 snack bags help reduce single-use plastic waste, and it’s also essential to pack food for hikes, picnics or travels. They’re tear-resistant and leakproof, easy to seal and unseal, and keep the food fresh and safe.

Check current price here!

GEAR AID Tenacious Tape

Small, simple and fantastic for repairing rips and holes in most outdoor gear! Tenacious tape is an ultra-strong, peel-and-stick repair tape that’s useful to have for any outdoor lover. Whether to fix a tent, a sleeping bag, snow pants or a jacket, it’s a quick and reliable solution to make your gear last even longer.

Check current price here!

Under $25

If you stretch your budget a bit, you can find an ever bigger variety of gifts, still for an affordable price.

The best pocket knife for hikers

The Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan Pocket Knife combines two important things: it has the options that a hiker or backpacker would need (large blade, small blade, can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, wire stripper, punch, corkscrew, toothpick, tweezers, key ring), but it doesn’t offer too many options, so it can still be lightweight enough to actually carry in your pocket. And it’s a Swiss made stainless steel construction with a lifetime warranty.

Check current price here!

Platypus Big Zip hands-free collapsible water bottle (1.5l/2l/3l)

Collapsible water bottles are among the most useful items in our backpacks! One needs enough water, and that means a minimum 2 liters (per person) for a day hike, even more on a demanding trail on a hot summer day. The collapsible water bottle carries that, but as you drink the water out of it, you get more space in your backpack. Plus it weighs almost nothing when empty!

What we especially love in this model is that it’s hands-free. Hence the name is water reservoir and not water bottle, but you can call it a huge water ziplock bag, as well. But it’s a strong and well-functioning one! No need to stop and get the bottle out of your backpack, you just grab the drink tube and you’re good. (Pro tip: use it with a hydration backpack with a water bladder compartment.)

It opens and closes with secure slide locks, and the opening is wide enough to quickly fill it. Of course, it’s leak-proof just like you’d expect. You can choose a 1 liter, 1.5 liter, 2 liter or 3 liter capacity version.

Check current price here!

LifeStraw water filter for hiking & camping

Having lots of water on any hike is a must, but sometimes you just can’t carry enough, especially on a multi-day hiking trip. Or there’s water available along the trail, and you don’t want to carry the weight unnecessarily. The LifeStraw Personal Water helps you make use of the water sources you find – creeks, lakes, ponds, even puddles. It removes bacteria, parasites and also microplastics from the water. It filters the water as you drink, so there’s no need for a battery or pumping.

Check current price here!

Goal Zero Crush lightweight, collapsible solar powered lantern

This lightweight lantern is great for anyone who loves camping! You get 60 lumens of usable light on high – or a 35 hour runtime on low. There are six colors and a candlelight mode available. It recharges from the sun with a built-in solar panel, but in case days are cloudy, it’s also chargeable from any USB port via micro USB cable.

“It is not the brightest solar chargeable multi-color lantern, but I believe this is the one of the lightest” – says a reviewer. It’s a great recreational light, and can even function as such in a bedroom or living room.

Check current price here!

Darn tough socks with a lifetime guarantee

Socks as a gift? One can’t get more boring, right? Well, it depends on the socks. There are very cool hiking socks that I’d be happy to receive as a gift. Like this lightweight, comfy pair of Merino wool-nylon cushioned hiking socks from Darn. Not the cheapest you’ve ever seen but they come with a lifetime guarantee. And they’re super cute with the bear!

Check current price here!

Fun T-shirts for the outdoors

Like one that says “Sleeping Bags are Burritos for Bears” or “Sloth Hiking Team We Will Get There When We Get There”. “It’s another half mile or so.” “I pee outside.” “Easily distracted by deer.” Because they’re fun. And most are available both for men and women.

“Rite in the Rain” weatherproof hard cover notebook

This is not for everyone, but for hikers who journal. Holding up against sweat, dirt, mud and water, this hardcover book is the perfect journal for the backcountry – or just a notebook to scratch down ideas or trip details. It’s not only durable, but pretty, too.

Check current price here!

$25 – $35

Titanium emergency whistle

A simple and easy-to-carry safety device: a loud whistle. Whistles are much louder than the human voice, their sound carries further than shouting in case one needs help, so rescue teams can more easily locate you. The TI-EDC whistle is tiny and very loud. It’s made of titanium so that it’s resistant to corrosion and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Check current price here!

YETI stainless steel, insulated mug

For nature and coffee addicts. Because one needs to start their hike early, but when can they have their morning coffee then? At the first rest stop by a lovely creek. Or on the bench under a giant cedar tree. This Yeti mug keeps your drink hot (or cold) with a double-wall vacuum insulation for long hours.

“One thing to keep in mind is that this tumbler works so well that *too hot* coffee will stay too hot in the Yeti for hours” – pointed out a reviewer. Well, it does its job. 🙂

Check current price here!

Emergency sleeping bag

Another practical piece that can be lifesaving if you get caught high in the mountains in the middle of the night – which, like any other emergency, can happen to anyone who ever hikes up high in the mountains. This S.O.L. Emergency Bivvy waterproof and windproof sleeping bag reflects back up to 90% of your body heat, keeping you warm and dry.

It’s designed as an emergency shelter, and its bright orange color is easy to spot in case one’s waiting for rescue. Durable and lightweight, it’s a great addition to any daypack.

Check current price here!

PETZL outdoor headlamp

A great idea not only for backpackers, but for day hikers, too. What if you miscalculate your space or the difficulty of the trail, and you don’t get back to the trailhead before dark? What if you get lost and the night falls upon you? I know your phone has a flashlight function (it probably has, since it has everything, right?), but then you can’t use your hands. And you might need your phone’s battery for other things, anyway.

This compact, easy-to-use headlamp from PETZL offers 3 lighting levels, and the beam is distributed evenly, only slightly brighter in the center. It’s compatible with two types of batteries. The headband is detachable, washable and easy to adjust. A great choice for hiking, camping, and even running when it’s dark.

Check current price here!

Anker PowerCore portable charger

Smartphones are often a necessity, even in the wilderness. They help us with navigation, taking pictures and videos, finding campsites, paying for parking, or staying connected. A portable charger could be extremely useful for backpackers, and this one is one the smallest and lightest available on the market. Anker is also known for great, responsive and helpful customer support in case anything unexpected comes up.

Check current price here!

Merino wool beanie

Merino wool is a good material for outdoor lovers. It’s warm, breathable and even odor-resistant. Like this lightweight beanie which is 100% merino wool and is easy to carry in your pocket in case you need it. Unisex and available in different colors.

“Hands down best beanie I’ve ever worn. Purchased three over the past few years due to losing them on snowboard trips or what not” – says a reviewer, and he’s not alone when it comes to one’s favorite beanie. 

Check current price here!

SUUNTO M-3 Compass

This adventure compass helps you navigate the outdoors safely. It’s precise and reliable – like you’d expect from any compass -, and it also has many great features like adjustable declination correction or luminous markings that make nighttime use easier. “I teach wilderness navigation classes to 150+ students annually, and this is the one compass I recommend for all of them” – says one satisfied reviewer.

It’s a must-have for hiking, trekking, mountain biking, Alpine skiing or trail running. But beware, the M-3 NH model means that it’s recommended to use on the northern hemisphere.

Check current price here!

A book full of hikes in America’s best national parks

Walks of a Lifetime in America’s National Parks” is a richly illustrated book with introductions to the best trails in these parks, ranging from easy nature walks to challenging backpacking trails. It helps hikers decide which parks to choose and how much time they want to spend in each, but it also provides historical background and exciting geological facts.

“Bob and Martha Manning show us that hiking offers rich and up-close connections to our national parks and that you don’t have to summit the highest peak to get a ‘hiker’s high.’” – says Kate Van Waes, Executive Director of the American Hiking Society.

Check current price here!

$35 – $70

The most lightweight binocular: monocular

This lightweight, waterproof Celestron monocular is easy to pack and enhances your wildlife watching experience greatly. How many times we wished we had something like this when we saw whales from the coast, seals lying on distant rocks or baby mountain goats with their mum high on the cliffs!

Only one hand is enough to hold and focus with this monocular, and the soft rubber and twisting eyecup is comfortable to us even with eye-glasses.

Check current price here!

Kahtoola microspikes for winter hikes

Microspikes are chains with small spikes that are placed around your shoes. They are meant to be worn in icy conditions on relatively flat terrains, and they give you just that extra bit of traction you need on winter trails covered with packed snow or ice. They’re way more affordable and  in many cases practical than snowshoes. “They are the best insurance you can get for winter hiking” – as one reviewer summarized.

Kahtoola microspikes are simple, lightweight and made from stainless steel. You can roll them up to a small ball, if you don’t need them, and use it for any winter shoes or boots if you do. They’re quite easy to slip over your shoes.

Check current price here!

Foxelli trekking poles

Another essential item that is easy to buy as a present, because one size fits all. And why so essential? Trekking poles help share the load evenly on your whole body while walking and hiking, they reduce the stress on your feet, legs and knees. They make it easier for the knees especially when walking down steep hills. But they also provide extra stability and help with balancing.

These Foxelli trekking poles are strong, stable and adjustable. Grips are comfortable, and you can adjust the waist straps, as well. They’re made of aluminium so they’re lightweight. It beats many other, more expensive models.

Check current price here!

Xenvo Pro Lens phone camera lens kit

This is for the hikers who want to take great pictures without carrying a heavy camera. The Xenvo Pro micro and wide angle lenses are compatible with most phones, and they come with a travel case so they’re easy to carry. Many reviewers praise the quality of these lenses.

Check current price here!

The big things: >$70

Even $70 is far from the price of luxury items (though they might feel luxury for many backpackers), but what we have here is luxury in a way that there are usually cheaper solutions or items than the ones in this list. But these ones are way more comfortable to use – or way more nicer. So spoil your loved ones with them!

GRAYL water purifier bottle for hiking & camping

Water filters are great in helping you drink whatever water you find along the trail. But here’s something that also stores that water for you after filtering it: a purifier bottle. This one is made for hiking, camping and survival, and unlike most (much cheaper) filtering bottles, this doesn’t only make the water taste better, but it makes it safe and clean to drink, too. It removes all viruses and bacteria, it filters particulates, chemicals and heavy metals, and yes, it also improves the taste of the water.

Of course, you can use a pumping water filter and a traditional water bottle to reach the same goal, but it’s certainly a clever and comfortable item. Just fill it, press it, then drink.

Check current price here!

SteriPEN Ultra UV Water Purifier

UV light destroys germs’ ability to reproduce and make you sick. The goal here is the same as with other water purifiers, but since this one uses UV light, no pumping, squeezing or chemicals are needed. The battery is capable of up to 50 treatments with one charge, and this small thing purifies 1 liter of water in 91 seconds.

Check current price here!

Cliq portable camping chair

Who wants a comfy camping chair that is the size of a bottle? This one from Cliq is among the most compact ones on the market, while it’s also well-constructed, and convenient and quick to set up. It might not look very stable, but it is – even suitable for muddy or sandy terrain. However, it’s not meant for tall people (5‘10“ and above), many of them find it uncomfortable.

Check current price here!

Kindle Paperwhite, waterproof

Not really an essential – and certainly not only for hikers -, but Kindle Paperwhite is a library in your backpack, great for downtime or on rainy days. It’s small, compact and (this is important for hikers and campers!) waterproof. The battery lasts weeks which is also useful out in the wild, one thing less that needs to be charged.

Check current price here!

Pendleton Glacier NP Throw wool blanket

It’s a truly luxurious blanket with high quality materials and stylish design. Very soft and warm, lightweight, brightly colored – it’s for those who love pretty things.

Check current price here!

Hiking gifts for Her

Okay, so most items from the list above are just as perfect for hiking women as for hiking men. This list is specifically for women though. Useful? Stylish? Cute? Inspiring? We bring the ideas, and you decide what the women in your life longs for.

A necklace in mountain style

Not necessarily for the trail, but surely a reminder and inspiration in everyday life: a beautiful necklace in mountain style. Or would she like this one better?

Check current price here!

Organic lip balm

Hands up if you’re a girl and have a lip balm in any of your bags and backpacks. (I do.) These Sky Organics lip balms are great value, and you get a pack of 4 for a good price, too. If you’re looking for yet another small thing to add to the pack of gifts you’re preparing for Her, this is a great addition.

Check current price here!

The cutest coolers

A bunch of ice packs to keep your food cool doesn’t sound like a gift anyone would get excited about. But what if they’re cute, penguin shaped ice packs? Give them to me! 😀

Alternatively, you can choose butterflies or owls, too. Designed by women, for women.

Check current price here!

LANCHY colorful bandanas

Comfortable, protective, can be worn in many different ways and available in a dozen of colors and patterns, these bandanas are a useful gift that’s also pretty!

Check current price here!

A personalized “Hiker Girl” Christmas ornament

We’d like our personalities represented by our Christmas tree, and here’s a lovely way: a hiking girl figure with Her name.

Check current price here!

Cheryl Strayed: Wild

A real classic – at least when it comes to a story about women and hiking. There’s a chance that a woman who’s also an avid hiker has already read this memoir from Cheryl. But if she didn’t, buy it for her, because she has to!

Check current price here!

Inspiration: Women Who Hike

Another book, this one is featuring America’s most inspiring women adventurers who tell about their story, their favorite trails, biggest challenges and accomplishments. “If you’re looking for something to motivate you to get outside or maybe find your true passion, this is the book for you!” – writes a reader.

Check current price here!

Hiking gifts for Him

Anyone else find that it’s harder to buy gifts for men than for women, or is it just me? (Or is it because I’m a woman? :P) Anyway, I put in some hard work to collect a variety of gift ideas for male hikers.

Solid cologne

Smelling like bourbon is definitely masculine enough, isn’t it? This Duke Cannon Supply Co. solid cologne balm is quite practical and easy to carry both on hikes and during travels in general.

Check current price here!

Fun T-shirt with outdoor theme

Because a man can never have enough fun T-shirts, right? No one can have enough fun T-shirts. Like “Hit the trail”, “Alaska is calling & I must go”, “Still plays outside” or “Nature & Shit“.

A personalized “Hiker Boy” Christmas ornament

Christmas ornaments are not only for girls, boys and their hobbies should be represented on the Christmas tree, as well. This adorable hiking boy figure can be personalized with a name.

Check current price here!

FROGG TOGGS rain poncho

Lightweight, breathable, waterproof and comes with an adjustable hood – this rain poncho is a great value for the price.

And what’s the advantage of rain poncho over a rain jacket? It’s ultralight and can handle downpours. It covers more of your body, and even your backpack. You can also use it as a ground cover, pillow or a survival insulating blanket. This one is designed for men.

Check current price here!

Opinel knife

Originally designed for farmers and railroad workers, Opinel knives are just as good for outdoorsmen. It has a stainless steel blade and benchwood handle. “Please don’t think this is a toy town knife because of its price. It represents exceptional value for money, and is a wonderfully capable knife” – says one reviewer. Everyone loves that, don’t we: giving or getting exceptionally good items for an affordable price?

Check current price here!

Gifts for hiking couples

Looking for the perfect gift for your parents, your brother and his wife or your married friends? It’s nice if you can give them a gift that they can enjoy together, and that’s what we have in this part of the gift list. Some are romantic, but most are just as good for families as couples. We’d certainly love to get any of them.

Give an experience with Tinggly

Shared adventures create the strongest bond – and Tinggly enables you to give experiences as a gift. Their gift boxes are full of varied activities that your loved ones can choose from – and you choose the value. They offer packages specifically for couples, but you can also buy adrenaline experiences for 2 people.

UBeesize extendable tripod stand for phones

Because when you experience those magical moments together, you want to take a picture with both of you in it, don’t you? This extendable tripod stand is both for iPhone and Android and comes with a pocket-sized Bluetooth remote. It tilts and swivels, so you can adjust the head to hold the camera in either portrait or landscape position, or make it face straight to the ground or straight up – exactly the things you expect from a tripod. Plus, it’s sturdy and compact.

Check current price here!

Waterproof playing cards

Not much explanation needed, right? Cards keep you entertained on those rainy days, but you don’t want them to get soaked.

Check current price here!

Bear Butt double hammock

Hammocks are fun, and here’s one designed for two! It’s made of a durable nylon material, and two people can comfortably sleep in it together. It’s also super light and easily packable, a nice addition to the gear collection of any outdoorsy couple.

Check current price here!

Klymit double sleeping bag

Warm each other in an extra warm sleeping bag. This one was uniquely designed for outdoorsy couples who wish to spend the nights together during their hiking trips.

Check current price here!

National park posters

This is not something to take on a hiking trip, but to enjoy when at home. The 4 good quality, vibrantly colored posters are packaged as a gift idea, so you can order them directly to the address of the person you’d like to surprise.

Check current price here!

US national parks scratch off travel poster

Decorate your home with your own adventures! Similar to a poster, but it’s even more: a beautifully colored scratch off map, a great gift for couples and families to remember their hiking trips taken together – and to proudly show it to visitors.

Check current price here!

Personalized Christmas ornament

The couple’s version of the lovely hikers’ Christmas ornament. Personalize name, text, character hair color and glasses! Adding pets is also an option.

Check current price here!

Sooo… happy gift hunting, y’all!

Disclosure: Please note that affiliate links are used in this post, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you make a purchase. If you are ready to book your trip and would like to support this website in some way, here’s your chance. Thank you! 🙂

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