Veľké Biele Pleso – Zelené Pleso In The Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

The Belianske Tatras (or Belianske Tatry in Slovak) is the Eastern mountain range of the Tatras and probably the least busy region in the High Tatras National Park. It’s mostly built of limestone and dolomite and it hosts the only cave in the High Tatras: Belianska Cave. It offers a variety of hiking trails, most of them are long but not too demanding – at least if we compare them with the high passes and peaks of the central region.

Two stunning alpine lakes in the Belianske Tatras

Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

The day hike to Veľké Biele Pleso (White Lake) and then further to Zelené Pleso (Green Lake) was a fabulous hike through pine forests and wide meadows with views of the surrounding peaks from time to time. July was the peak of wildflower bloom, anyway, and it was a trail where we could really enjoy the views of the colorful meadows all the way.

Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

A unique beauty: Green Lake

The trail starts right by the village of Tatranská Kotlina. Hiking to White Lake and back is a long route, not very steep, but all in all a strenuous day hike. Especially if you hike a bit further to Green Lake which we could only recommend (if you have the energy, of course 😀 ). Green Lake is one of our favorite alpine lakes in the High Tatras. Anyone who takes a look at it on a sunny day will understand why…

Green Lake, Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

We’ve hiked to Green Lake before – on a steeper but very scenic trail from Tatranská Lomnica through Veľká Svišťovka pass -, but it easily became the highlight of this trail, as well. Sorry, White Lake, but you’re no match. 😛

Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

We wanted to find another route to get back to Tatranská Kotlina but the shortest option was the same path. Well, we greeted those beautiful wildflower meadows again on our way back…

Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

Hiking essentials
  • Trailhead: Tatranská Kotlina
  • Route: Tatranská Kotlina (green route) – Veľké Biele pleso (red route) – Zelené pleso – same way back
  • Length: 8-9 hours (round-trip)
  • Difficulty: strenuous

Do you have a favorite alpine lake?


Veľké Biele Pleso - Zelené Pleso In The Belianske Tatras, Slovakia

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