Author: Bea

Hiking In The Desert Is FUN: Indian Canyons, Palm Springs

Home to California fan palms, clear creeks and being surprisingly full of life and beauty, the Indian Canyons on the Agua Caliente Cahuilla tribal land were the highlight of our trip to Palm Springs. If you are only going to hike one place in the area, we’d recommend this one and we tell you why.

The Countless Waterfalls Of Watkins Glen, New York

Watkins Glen, a small park in New York state and one of our favorite state parks in the US. The reason is simple: this 2 miles long hike in a glen has 19 waterfalls. Waterfalls at every step you take? Yes! At least 19 is the number what we read, but we lost track of…
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In Search Of Special Tropical Hikes: Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

Wherever we go, we hike. And Hawaii is such a special place to do so! The views, the tropical plants we’ve never seen before, those incredible shades of green and turquoise, and those waterfalls hidden in the lush green valleys. And let me not forget to mention Kauai chicken either. That can be seen even…
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Our Favorite Greek Island: Zakynthos (Zante)

We are not on the same page in a whole lot of things – just as each normal couple, I guess 🙂 – but there’s one thing we completely agree on for: Zakynthos is the most beautiful of all of the beautiful Greek islands we’ve seen so far! MAGICAL colors We’ve been to Greece a…
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Land Of Million Alpine Lakes: Tahoe, California

Can you imagine a hiking trail which passes by four or even more beautiful, crystal clear alpine lakes surrounded by picturesque granite peaks? There’s more than one trail at Lake Tahoe which satisfies those criterias and you don’t need to hike for days to reach them, a lot of them are so close! We are…
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On The Streets Of Prague

Prague is definitely one of those cities which has a special feeling even if you only walk on the streets. We would like to share some snippets from our ‘Prague Feeling’ through this photo essay. Hope you enjoy. So… on the streets of Prague: Wenceslas Square before sunrise: Have I already mentioned how much we loved the…
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Reasons To Visit Page, Arizona

Have you ever heard about Page in Arizona? No wonder, you probably haven’t. There’s nothing special to see in Page itself, but there are some very special places near this small town. The tremendous curve of Colorado: Horseshoe Bend We discovered Page when I was searching for that horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River which I’ve…
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Nothing Compares: The Waterfalls Of Yosemite

A waterfall wonderland hidden in a deep valley surrounded by proud granite peaks: this is Yosemite Valley, part of California’s world famous Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada. We were fallen in love with this park from the very first moment when we got out from our car in the middle of the valley.…
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Our Best Of Prague

Staring at a beautiful snow globe with perfect little miniaturized buildings inside as a child – that’s how I felt in Prague. That 3 and a half days we spent there was perfectly enough for us to explore the city without being in a hurry, so we had plenty of time for walking or just…
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