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4 Disappointments In The US

e’ve visited a whole lot of places in the US during the year when we lived in California and we love that country, especially its stunning national and state parks! There were so many places which exceeded our (sometimes very high) expectations or unexpectedly surprised us with their beauties and we’ve already written several posts…
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Best Scenic Drives In California

We usually think of driving as just getting from one place to another, hopefully fast and smooth. There’s periods in the long hours of driving when the scenery is interesting and beautiful, but most of the times it’s just the never ending road. California was the first place which surprised us with such scenic drives…
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Christmas Spirit In Vienna

After visiting the Christmas market in Budapest last week we decided that we want even more Christmas experience. So what could have been a better choice than driving to Vienna this weekend? We love Vienna so much, anyway. And its Christmas market is famous all over Europe. So why not go and visit now? This…
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Feels Like Christmas In Budapest

‘Tis the season… for Christmas markets. The lights, sounds and smells of Christmas. No matter which city in Europe, each of them has its Christmas traditions. Of course, we had to visit ours in Budapest. Though snow and icicles are not part of it because of the unusually mild December, it’s trying its best to…
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Our Best Travel Moments Of 2015

What an amazing year! After moving from Hungary to California in 2014, we knew that 2015 will be full of new experiences – just as 2014 – and so it was. We’ve never been to the US before and during our 1 year of stay we wanted to explore as much as we can. We…
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Niagara Falls In 2 Wonderful Days

We’ve always dreamed about seeing the greatest waterfall in the world and we finally made this dream come true this June. Originally, we planned to stay at Niagara Falls only for a day during our New York State road trip assuming it’s just one waterfall after all, even if it’s the largest in the world,…
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Hiking In Pinnacles National Park, California

Do you know which national park the newest is in the US? And one of the smallest ones, too? Pinnacles National Park in California is the answer. Hikers will find its rock formations just as amazing as rock climbers. Also, it’s fun to explore its caves with a flashlight or try to catch a glimpse of rare California condors that live here. In this post we’d like to share with you the best things we’ve done in Pinnacles.

The Best Castles In Hungary

Living and growing up – and travelling A LOT – in Hungary, we’d like to show you some pretty places beyond our popular capital, Budapest. Like Hungarian castles. Because they deserve to get some fame. So here comes what we think are the best castles in Hungary.

Best Winter Hikes In California

California’s winter is very pleasant. Especially in Central and Southern California it reminded us more of spring than winter. Of course, at higher elevations in the mountains there’s real winter, too. But we want to talk about hiking here. 🙂 What we loved the most about our winter hikes in California is that after some rain…
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