15 Wonderful Scenes From Hungary (Outside Of Budapest)

Hungary is our home. We’ve grown up here and visited a lot of places in our country as kids, with our school or our family. We still travel a lot in Hungary. We like exploring historical towns, museums and castles, or hiking in the hills and mountains. They are all perfect weekend getaways for us from Budapest. And they can be so pretty! We collected here some of the most wonderful scenes from our travels in Hungary – outside of Budapest this time.

Central or Eastern Europe? Which country belongs where?

So we started to write a hiking guide to Central Europe. Or Eastern Europe? That’s exactly where we stopped. We planned to write this guide about hiking in Hungary – where we live – and the nearby countries. And we started thinking about how to call them: Central or Eastern European countries?

7 Best Coastal Hikes In Ireland

Ireland’s Atlantic coast impressed us with scenic drives and scenic hikes! Those alone would have been enough for us to fall in love with this country. And they were enough for us to love it in spite of the weather that made us scream for a sunny Mediterranean beach sometimes. So let us show you the best coastal hikes we found in Ireland – all with amazing panorama and lots of grazing sheep in front of the beautiful backdrop.

Our Favorite Waterfalls In Ireland & Northern Ireland

Ireland is also called the Emerald Island due to its lush green countryside. And that is thanks to the frequent rains. But frequent rains mean something else, too: beautiful waterfalls! As we drove around the island, we found lots of pretty waterfalls in addition to the breathtaking coastal hikes, lakes and ancient ruins. So let us show you our favorite waterfalls in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.