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Are you looking for the best places to visit in Austria? Are you on the search for picturesque hikes that are doable for an average hiker – or an average family?

Living in Hungary, Austria is our neighboring country. We’re in love with Vienna and visit it each year, sometimes even more than once. We’re in love with the Alps, too, and since our baby was born we found that Austria is one of the best countries in Europe to take your family to the high mountains. Whether you’re interested in culture or nature, we have lots of tips and guides to help you see the best of Austria – just scroll below.

Best time to visit Austria

The lowlands of Austria have a continental climate with four seasons, while the Alps have a high mountain climate. Winters are cold, and it snows and rains a lot throughout the year in the Alps.



The best time to hike in the Alps and see the alpine meadows in bloom. It’s busy, too, because… well, lots of people want to hike in the Alps. 🙂

April – May & Sept – Oct


Weather is unpredictable, but May and September can be especially pleasant. It’s a good time for sightseeing. Some hiking is possible, too, though higher routes in the Alps are not accessible.

Nov – March


Austria’s winter (Dec-Feb) is a high season for all the lovers of winter sports. December comes with magical Christmas markets in the big cities.

Best of Austria travel tips

Looking for unique experiences, off-the-beaten-track places and important things to know about traveling in Austria? We share what we know about them:

The best things to see and do in Vienna

Vienna is one of our favorite cities in the world – and we help you fall in love with it, too:

Where to go hiking in the Alps?

Well-established trails through astonishing gorges, challenging scenic routes and summer ski lifts taking you up to start your day above the clouds. Here are some of the best hikes we found in the Asutrian Alps:

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