Our Case With Animal Photography

Our Case With Animal Photography

Nature and photography are two serious passions of ours. We spend a lot of time outside – unless it’s freezing and we drink hot chocolate on our comfy couch. 😛 But otherwise we can mostly be found in parks, forests, or in the mountains. And we are often rewarded with awesome surprises… like animal encounters. They are unpredictable and wonderful! And remember, photography is our other passion – well, animal encounters are a fun challenge from that point of view, too.

Because animals somehow feel that there are paparazzi hiding in the bushes and they turn their ass back on us.

Animal photography: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

I mean if they are not too lazy to even do that.

Animal photography: Harbor seals on California coast

Or they are just sound asleep.

Animal photography: Bükk National Park, Hungary

But some are curious. Like marmots who carefully venture close and try to chew our shoes.

Animal photography: Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Some are vain and behave like a supermodel so that everyone can admire their beauty.

Animal photography: Garden of Eggenberg Palace, Graz, Austria

Some are so busy with eating that we are the last thing they care about.

Animal photography: Schönbrunn Gardens, Vienna, Austria

And some are just too busy playing.

Animal photography: Central Park, New York, USA

But believe it or not there are cases when we get that moment. It’s both patience and luck. It’s usually unexpected and doesn’t last long. Animal photography pushes us to learn more about animals and be more observant. It teaches us to stay in the background and realize the harmony in nature. And it teaches us patience – that’s tough. 😀 But we definitely need it. And we are happy about every tiny improvement – in patience and in our animal shots.

Finally, it’s time for our favorite shots about some of those perfect moments, too. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, so here they come:

Animal photography: Point Reyes National Seashore, California, USA

Animal photography: Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Animal photography: Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Animal photography: Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Animal photography: Hiking in the High Tatras, Slovakia

Animal photography: A bird in Yosemite National Park, California

Do you have any experience with wildlife photography? We are eager to hear your tips and stories!



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  1. […] (“the mountain version”). Tourists can suddenly flood the scene (“the urban version”). Let me not even mention animals who will turn their back on you the moment you set your focus. […]

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