Almbachklamm, A Fairy Tale Gorge In The Bavarian Alps

We are huge fans of pretty gorges and waterfalls – of which the Alps have no shortage of. Even if you are not an experienced hiker, most of these canyons reward you with stunning views in exchange of climbing some stairs and ladders. Almbachklamm is one of the best ones located in the Bavarian Alps.

Almbachklamm, Bavaria, Germany

It’s located right by the Austrian-German border, 10-15 minutes drive from Salzburg. We parked in the free parking lot at Marble mill (Kugelmühle) – just off the road between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg. Sings indicate the trailhead to the gorge from there.

Hiking through the gorge

Almbachklamm, Bavaria, Germany

Almbachklamm is 3 kilometres long. A well-beaten path with iron stairs and several small bridges led us through this fairy land. We had to climb quite a number of stairs on the way up, but the views were well worth it!

Almbachklamm, Bavaria, Germany

We walked past thundering waterfalls and crystal clear, emerald green pools. The waterfalls were impressive even in autumn, but it’s obvious that they look best in spring when snowmelt feeds them. The deeply cut gorge itself is a spectacular sight, too.

Almbachklamm, Bavaria, Germany

The way back

Almbachklamm, Bavaria, Germany

The gorge trail ends at the old dam called Theresienklause. From there you can make it a loop or return the same way. We chose to return the same way, because we had to say goodbye to all the nice waterfalls. 😀

Almbachklamm, Bavaria, Germany

Not sure how crowded Almbachklamm is in the summer, but we barely met anyone there in October. It was that place of solitude and beauty only nature can offer.

Almbachklamm, Bavaria, Germany

Have you hiked in the Bavarian Alps? Any favorite trails?

Hiking essentials
  • Parking/trailhead: Marble mill (Kugelmühle)
  • Entrance fee to the gorge: 6 EUR/person (at the time of our visit – Oct 2018)
  • Length: 3 kilometres (one-way)
  • Difficulty: medium


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