Algar Seco, Portugal – Welcome To Cheeseland!

Have you ever been inside a cheese? Or have you ever wondered what a cool place it could be for hide and seek? Or is it just me who watched too much Tom & Jerry as a child? Anyway, looks like nature can easily compete with my crazy imagination. Algar Seco reminded me of a large cheese. Full of smaller and bigger holes, windows, arches and tunnels, walking there felt like being inside a giant cheese.

Algar Seco, Algarve, Portugal

Algar Seco, Algarve, Portugal

Of course, it has nothing to do with cheese. It’s rock – limestone in particular, shaped by the sea and the wind. Nature really is an incredibly talented sculptor and this masterpiece is called Algar Seco. It’s in the small town of Lagoa in Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal.

Algar Seco, Algarve, Portugal

Algar Seco, Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is famous for amazing rock formations all along its coastline and Algar Seco was one of our favorites. We arrived there after a lovely beach day in Lagoa and the late afternoon sun highlighted the colors even more. Naturally, we stayed for the sunset. 🙂

Algar Seco, Algarve, Portugal

“The power of nature is what all art strives to be.” (Rick Rubin)

Algar Seco, Algarve, Portugal

What are your favorite masterpieces carved by nature?


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