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We are Csaba & Bea, a couple in their 30s, coming from a small country with big dreams. Our passion is travel, nature and chocolate. No, that’s not how we should introduce ourselves. But if Bea starts writing about anything (and she’s the writer on this blog), chocolate somehow always comes up. Not that we don’t appreciate other pleasures in life. Like having a great time with family and friends – preferably while drinking hot chocolate together. Or playing with our little boy, Tomi – while trying to find a secret place for our chocolate supply. 😛

Well, it’s hard. We’re not perfect – as parents, as partners, as humans. But we try to make our imperfect lives happy, full of new adventures and scenic hikes, good talks and laughs. And we’re sharing those adventures and some of our random musings about life, family or relationships. About happiness, too, because everyone wants to be happy, don’t they?


…is a chocolate addict as you might have figured it out already. She’s a bookworm and a writer, too. She feels cold anywhere under 25 degrees Celsius and she enjoys planning just about anything, from the shopping list to our travels. She’s the organizer in the family, and also the one who freaks out when her perfectly crafted plans fail – which they often do.


…is a Túró Rudi addict (surprise, that’s a chocolate, too… well, kind of). He’s damn scared of flying by airplane (yes, he is still a traveler). He likes snorkeling and everything geek, and he is a hobby masseur. He’s the problem solver in the family. Whether it’s a dipping tap in our home or a broken down car in the middle of nowhere, he figures something out.


…is the youngest adventurer in the family, only 10 months old. He’s full of energy and constantly pushes his parents out of their comfort zone. He travels on his parents’ back in a carrier for now. And guess what, he’s the troublemaker in the family.

How did it all start?

Both of us had our childhood dreams about magical faraway places. Bea travelled with her parents in Europe as a child, and she was fascinated to listen to her grandparents’ stories about their travels in Europe, Asia and Africa. She was dreaming about Argentina’s Iguazu Falls, the magically blue lakes of Canada, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, Paris and London, Singapore and Sydney, and the sunny beaches of Australia.

Csaba, on the contrary, hasn’t ever been abroad until his seventeenth birthday. He didn’t have family travel stories either, but he had dreams. About visiting Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami, Hawaii and Bora Bora, Australia and Japan, and he wanted to work on a cruise ship to get to a whole lot of places.

We had our first trips together during our university years, mostly in the nearby Eastern European countries. But we visited London and had a ski trip in France, too. We spent our honeymoon on the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece, and that was the time we’ve fallen in love with the Greek islands.

Our turning point

Almost 5 years ago we left Hungary and moved to a much bigger country, the USA. And this changed a lot of things in our lives. Until we stood at the huge waterfalls of Yosemite, walked around the colorful hot springs of Yellowstone, hiked to the blue lakes of Glacier, got a taxi ride in New York or explored the magical beaches of Hawaii, we’ve never really believed that we can visit these places. We dreamed about them, but they seemed very far, maybe not even real.

But our time spent in the USA has not just made us addicted to national parks, hiking and road trips, it has also made us realize that we can actually make our dreams come true. We started to see things differently, believe in ourselves and in our dreams.

Where are we now?

And now we should continue with how we sold our house and travel the world from then til forever. But in fact, we’ve bought our own place not so long ago. And we don’t travel non-stop. The very last part is true though: we plan to continue travelling til forever. We have lived in three cities, two countries and on two continents so far, we’ve been travelling together for 7 years and our dream list hasn’t became shorter…

Now we’re back in Europe again, and we’ve been living in Budapest for 4 years. We’d have never thought we’d visit Hawaii or New York sooner than Paris or Barcelona. No complaints though. But in the past couple of years we focused more on exploring our own backyard – by which we mean Hungary, Eastern Europe and Europe at the same time. Well, apart from a fabulous road trip in Australia.

Last year we became a family of three. We have new challenges and new dreams, and we can’t wait to show all the beautiful places in this world to our son.

This blog is our happy place. We’d like to share everything wonderful and complicated, happy and sad, exciting and useful what we experienced during our travels. And our lives. We hope you get inspiration from our stories and find your own happy places – whether they’re real places around the world, or choices and dreams that make your life full.

Welcome on board! Our journey has already started. Ready to start yours?

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