Our 7 Favorite Travel Blogs To Follow In 2017

We’ve written quite a few summaries during last week and guess what, we are not bored with them yet. How about you? Oh, good to hear you enjoy them. Then this one is for you! Because here comes a summary about our favorite travel blogs as a gift to you to get inspiration and a lot of fun stories in this new year.

We follow a bunch of different travel blogs (btw, not only travel blogs) because of several reasons. The most important reason is that we are kind of interested in travel topics. Anything travel. Then we have this travel blog since more than a year now and we think it’s just good to know what’s going on in the travel blogging world in general. That means reading travel blogs even if their travel styles are completely different than ours. Or catching up on the most successful travel blogs from time to time. We also love using travel blogs for planning our travels. They are not the only source but an important one.

Bohinj, Slovenia

But we have limited time. There are only a few blogs that we read every other day. There are only a few ones where we read almost every single post. We know there are a lot of great travel blogs out there but these few are the most special to us. Because we can really relate to them, we enjoy their voice and the stories shared. 7 is not a big number. But you know, the number of your closest friends is probably also not big.

So here are our 7 favorite travel blogs that we will definitely follow in this new year, too, and we seriously recommend you to check them out! The list is in a random, unranked order, we love all of them because they are what they are. We’ve also asked some of our favorite bloggers about the destinations they are the most looking forward to visit in 2017. So get inspired and keep on chasing your dreams!

Heart My Backpack

Our 7 Favorite Travel Blogs: Heart My Backpack
Courtesy of Heart My Backpack

Silvia has visited 70+ countries as a backpacker including some very uncommon destinations like Iran or the “stans” of Central Asia. Currently she is living in a log cabin high up in the mountains in Norway. She writes a lot about expat life, her shorter and longer trips in Norway and she loves exploring places off the beaten path. Like visiting Siberia in winter. We love her blog not just because of the exciting travel stories but also because she shares her thoughts and struggles on how to balance a settled down life with crazy travel dreams. And she does it with a lot of humour.

Silvia, which place are you looking forward to visit the most in 2017?
“I would never have believed this a few years ago, but the trip I’m most excited about for in 2017 is spending a week back home in the US! I’m going to finally show my boyfriend my hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts, and then I think we’ll drive down to visit my extended family in Kentucky. My dad grew up on a tobacco farm and a lot of my family lives in trailer parks, so I think it’s going to be quite the cultural experience for my London-born boyfriend. And of course I’m just so excited to see family again!”

Our favorite posts from the blog:

A Broken Backpack

Our 7 Favorite Travel Blogs: A Broken Backpack
Courtesy of A Broken Backpack

Melissa is a backpacker who moved to Australia and became a farmer to earn money for her travels. She has been backpacking through Australia and she is on the road since then. She travels spontaneously on a little budget. We love reading her blog because she shows us both the challenging and fulfilling parts of travelling through her honest and often crazy and funny stories.

Melissa, which place are you looking forward to visit the most in 2017?
“I’m looking forward to visit Malta in January so I can catch a bit of sun! I need a blue sky, if they still exist somewhere?! And then, who knows?”

Our favorite posts from the blog:

A Dangerous Business

Our 7 Favorite Travel Blogs: A Dangerous Business
Courtesy of A Dangerous Business

Amanda has started her adventures more than 10 years ago and she has seen quite a bit of the world since then (45+ countries on 6 continents). She is not a so called “digital nomad” who travels full-time and actually that’s what attracted us to her blog. She shows us that it’s possible to follow one’s passionate travel dreams while having a ‘normal’ life and a home. We love reading about her various adventures whether it’s shark cage diving, an African safari, glacier trekking or a European river cruise.

Amanda, which place are you looking forward to visit the most in 2017?
“2017 is going to be a crazy year for me. I’m getting married, and might potentially be buying a house with my fiance – but that’s not going to stop me from traveling! In March, Elliot and I are going to New Zealand to spend two weeks doing a campervan trip around the country. This will be my fifth trip to NZ (it’s my favorite place in the world!) but his first, so I’m really excited to show him all my favorite places. We’re calling it our pre-wedding-moon.”

Our favorite posts from the blog:

This Battered Suitcase

Our 7 Favorite Travel Blogs: This Battered Suitcase
Courtesy of This Battered Suitcase

Brenna is a Canadian girl who has been travelling solo for 10 years. After living in several different cities and countries in the world she is settled in London now. We love her blog because of its personal tone. She doesn’t really write guides or put together lists of best sights to see rather she focuses on stories, feelings, people and the lessons she learned as a traveller. She often makes us reflect on our own thoughts and feelings.

Brenna, which place are you looking forward to visit the most in 2017?
“You know when you find your favourite restaurant, and, no matter how many other restaurants you visit, you keep going back to that same one? Well, Italy feels like that for me. Although I have a lot of fun trips planned for 2017, the ones I’m most looking forward to are the Italian adventures. I visited Italy three times in 2016, and have plans to visit at least that many times this year, too, starting with a trip to the Ligurian coast in January and a birthday trip to the Amalfi coast in May. After that, I’d like to explore a lot more of the countryside and get to know the smaller towns.”

Our favorite posts from the blog:

Getting Stamped

Hannah and Adam are constantly on the road getting their passports stamped in random beautiful places all over the world. First of all, we are obsessed with their beautiful photography! We also like reading about photography tips on their blog and we find their travel guides quite handy. Living in Thailand they share a lot of useful information about local culture and customs and not so well-known destinations (aka hidden paradise) in the country.

Our favorite posts from the blog:

Adventurous Miriam

Our 7 Favorite Travel Blogs: Adventurous Miriam
Courtesy of Adventurous Miriam

Miriam is a Danish traveler. She eloped and got married in Thailand and nowadays she lives in Denmark with her husband. Most of the times she travels solo and she is sharing her stories as a woman travelling independently to a bunch of different places in the world like the Balkans, the Middle East, Russia or Peru. She loves good food and good adventures. And we love her blog because of that. That, and her beautiful pictures!

Miriam, which place are you looking forward to visit the most in 2017?
“I’m super excited to visit Iceland in January and hopefully see the Northern Lights. I’m doing a road trip down the south coast – can’t wait!”

Our favorite posts from the blog:

Unlocking Kiki

Courtesy of Unlocking Kiki
Courtesy of Unlocking Kiki

Kaelene is an American living the expat life in Reykjavík (Iceland). On her blog she is sharing how she made Iceland her home and the lessons she has learned on the way. And she writes a lot about Iceland! Whether you plan to visit Iceland or not you should read about her trips around the country – you will put Iceland to your bucket list and somewhere to the top, guaranteed. 🙂

Our favorite posts from the blog:

Now what are some of your favorite blogs?



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  1. This list is basically an exact copy of my favorite travel bloggers! Which makes me all the more touched to be included – sooo many smiles this morning. xx

  2. Thanks for putting this together. I’m always interested in reading new travel blogs. Funny how much the internet has changed how we plan our trips. I remember back in the day lugging around guidebooks and dictionaries and being generally confused. It’s nice that there are so many amazing online resources from a diverse range of people who can offer their insights about a location.

    Excellent list!

    1. Thanks for reading, Angelica! There are tons of great blogs out there, it’s so hard to choose the best but everyone has their personal favorites. Glad if we could give your some good ideas.
      We’re probably too young cause we’ve always done most of our travel planning on the internet. Or are we just too geek? 😀

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