Our 4th Blogiversary: Becoming A Family Travel Blog

20th of September. The first post on this blog was published 4 years ago. We’re at another milestone now, happy and excited on our 4th blogiversary.

No matter how much we love this blog, there’s another birthday this time of the year that’s much more important to us from now on: our little boy’s birthday. He is 4 weeks old. And his arrival is a huge joy – and a huge change. Including this blog. No, it won’t go away, and hopefully we’re not the only ones who feel happy about this fact. But it will be different, because our lives will be different.

Becoming a family travel blog

Our 4th Blogiversary - Margaret Island, Budapest, Hungary

We’ve been travelling as a couple in the past 7 years. We’re still that same couple, with itching feet to conquer any mountain peak that gets in our way, and with endless curiosity to explore new cities, hidden beaches and spectacular coastal views. But we’re also parents now (it still sounds a bit scary to us…), and we’d like to show all of this and even more to our little son. Though he’s not very interested in anything else than eating and sleeping for now, but he’ll be an adventurer. He maybe doesn’t know it yet. But we do. 😀

Our 4th Blogiversary - Winter in Gödöllő, Hungary

Travel has given us so much. Unforgettable experiences that we enjoyed and learned from. It has strengthened the bond between us like nothing else. We plan to continue travelling with our son, too. We’d like to have those awesome adventures together. How these travels will be different? We’re not sure about that yet. But we’re sure they will be different. And we plan to share them with you.

With that said, we don’t plan to write exclusively about travelling with a kid. Just as our older posts were not only written for couples, our new ones won’t only be written for families with kids either. But still, this blog is who we are. And we’re an adventurous couple – and parents of the cutest little boy ever. 😛

Becoming a business, too?

Our 4th Blogiversary - Retezat Mountains, Romania

We’ve been thinking about monetizing our blog for a while now. We already told you about it last year. We’ve taken steps since then – further and backwards, too.

We started and then stopped displaying ads. We have affiliate links – and we’ll have even more of them in the future. We finally started sending a proper monthly newsletter. We started digging deeper into SEO – yeah, that monster every blogger talks about these days, and you just can’t avoid it. But we also realized that making videos – and appearing and speaking in videos in the first place – is not really for us. We let Instagram go, too. Not completely, but we let it go as a strategic platform to gain audience and engage with our audience. We kept it to have some fun sometimes.

But the most important thing we realized in this past year is that looking into opportunities for monetizing our blog is not the same as handling our blog as a business. We’ve been handling it as a hobby first and foremost. So far. We’d like to change that. But we want to do it properly. We want to learn a lot, plan more strategically, and focus on building a stable and engaged audience first. Then comes the rest, money included.


Now let’s see some exciting numbers:

  • Overall pageviews so far: 598000+
  • Overall unique pageviews so far: 508000+
  • Pageviews in 2019 so far: 217000+
  • Monthly average pageviews in 2019: 25500
  • Number of published posts: 422
  • Our visitors by gender: 79.4% female, 20.6% male
  • Most of our visitors are 25-34 years old: 47.37%
  • We had visitors from 194 countries (out of the 195 countries in the world), but most of our visitors are from the United States: 68.18% – followed by Canada 4.56%, UK 3.47%, Germany 2.01%, Netherlands 1.91%, Hungary 1.89% and Australia 1.31%
  • We had visitors from 16880 cities, we got the largest traffic from Los Angeles (2.28%)
  • Majority of our visitors check our site on their mobile phones (59.12%)
  • We got the most traffic from social media (61.5%, mostly from Pinterest), followed by organic search (25%)

Our most popular posts ever

Our most popular posts published in 2019

Then let’s see what you liked the most from our newly published posts:

What is your favorite post on the blog so far?

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By Beata Urmos

Bea is the co-founder of Our Wanders. She’s the writer and the trip organizer, and she’d love to help you plan your own amazing trips! She likes hiking, good novels and chocolate, as well. Her motto is: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” (John A. Shedd)


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