30 Dreams For My Thirties

30 Dreams For My Thirties

The number is 30. Today is my 30th birthday. Wow. It’s a special year for me and for the two of us, anyway. And we continue dreaming…

I often read blog post titles like “30 things I’ve learned in 30 years” or “30 lessons I’ve learned until I turned 30”. I don’t feel wise enough to write such a summary (I’m still extremely young, you know 😀 ), and honestly, most of them I find a bit boring. Instead, I feel excited to think of all the dreams I have for my thirties.

30 Dreams For My Thirties... Black Sand Beach, Iceland

Because I’m happy to turn thirty. I leave my cheerful, colorful and eventful, but also my uncertain, timid and anxious twenties behind. I’m not lost anymore. I don’t care about expectations that much. I learned to pay attention to the voice that’s deep inside me. I know I won’t ever see the end of the path I choose, still I need to make my first steps. It’s time to really put myself out there and reach those goddamn dreams.

The best birthday present

30 Dreams For My Thirties... Little Fatra, Slovakia

In a month or so, I hope to get my late birthday present, the best one ever: our baby boy! I’m in my eighth month now and I can’t wait to hold him in my arms.

This year is actually the tenth anniversary of our relationship with Csaba. We spent our twenties together, studying, travelling, living in California, making a home and creating a life that feels like we are at home. In our thirties we are becoming parents. We are going to be three soon. We have already started this new, challenging and fulfilling adventure what makes us scared sometimes. But it also brings us joy and excitement we’ve never felt before.

Cracker Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

My biggest dream is us. A happy family. Lots of laughter. Lots of new adventures. This is what this dream list is about. It’s not like it’s a must-do, and if I won’t manage to tick everything until my fortieth birthday, I fail. Dreams can change just as people change. I let my imagination run wild now. These are the things I’m looking forward to do in this upcoming decade.


30 Dreams For My Thirties... Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

  1. Travel as a family, strengthen our relationship with Csaba and our son while having awesome adventures.
  2. Spend a lot of time with our son in his early years. Like really A LOT.
  3. Keep our marriage a priority, have enough quality time for just the two of us.
  4. Value and cherish the relationships that are important to me.
  5. Build new relationships, because no, university years are not the only time to get true friends. But it’s quality what matters, not quantity.
  6. Fill my days with more laughter.


Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

  1. Keep everyday exercises a priority.
  2. Spend a lot of time playing outdoors with our son.
  3. Pay attention to healthy meals even when we travel.
  4. Aim for flexible working hours to have more time for family and travels.
  5. Become location independent while finding a balance between our time on the road and at home.


30 Dreams For My Thirties... Portugal

  1. Learn to let go.
  2. Worry less.
  3. Improve my German to a comfortable conversational level.
  4. Learn to speak Spanish.

Baden bei Wien, Austria

  1. Monetize this blog properly.
  2. Get paid to write.
  3. Write more. Write a book.
  4. Take courses in photography. Practice it a lot.


Jökulsárlón, Iceland

  1. Road trip in New Zealand.
  2. Cruise the Carribean.
  3. Revisit Hawaii.
  4. Visit new regions in the USA – like Colorado, Alaska, Texas, Utah.
  5. Hike in the Canadian Rockies.
  6. Explore islands of the Mediterranean – Canary Islands, Azores, Greek islands, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Mallorca…

Hiking in Slovakia

  1. Return to Australia, visiting Western Australia and the Outback.
  2. Live in Thailand for a couple of months.
  3. Visit Japan.
  4. Safari in Africa.
  5. Travel to Antarctica.

(Okay, I’d like to travel to much more places. And actually, I want to visit all of them right now. But one needs to set priorities, especially that I’m supposed to be somewhat matured by now. 😀 )

30 Dreams For My Thirties... Sequoia National Park

What else can I say? Here’s to a happy, fulfilling new decade! 🙂


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