Turning 2 Years Old – Have We Survived?

It’s common belief in the blogging world that a blog should be at least 2 years old to be taken seriously. If it survives its second year, it has survived. Well, here we are – survived.

This is our second blogiversary and we are excited like a 2 years old kid who gets the new toy he nagged his parents about. Despite of some busy and disappointed periods and constant struggles, this blog has been a fun part of our lives from the beginning. Our small corner of the internet, the colorful diary of our travels. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do because we plan to continue. Forever and ever. You, of course, have the option to walk away. 😛 But we hope you’ll stay, get inspired and leave nice comments that make us smile. 😀

Our most important lesson

Velicke pleso, High Tatras, Slovakia

Now would be the time to share all the blogging wisdom we picked up on the way but… uhm, are 2 years enough to give those wise advices? We have some lessons learned but there are even more to be learned.

The most important thing we realized is that we love this blog – writing, designing, photographing, creating videos… and travelling in the first place! That’s the only reason it’s worth doing it. It’s not a full-time job for us and the advantage of this is that we don’t need to worry about earning money. We don’t need to advertise or accept offers we don’t like – and we turn down the ones we like, as well, because we are out of vacation days for the year, that’s the downside. 😀

But they say your true passion is what you would do even for free and actually, that’s what we do. And we dream. We dream about collaborations that would help educating people about nature and wildlife and encourage them to be responsible tourists who preserve and protect the beauties they find in the world. Our two years blogiversary is maybe a sign to take actions towards these dreams.

Those numbers…

Kerlingarfjöll, Highlands, Iceland

But let’s have some fun now and take a look at the numbers and other interesting statistics from the past years:

  • Overall pageviews so far: 153000+
  • Monthly average pageviews: 10000+
  • Number of published posts: 252
  • Our visitors by gender: 80.8% female, 19.2% male
  • Most of our visitors are 25-34 years old: 44.78%
  • We had visitors from 159 countries, but most of our visitors are from the United States: 77.4% (followed by Canada 5.36%, UK 2.64%, Hungary 1.92%, Germany 1.35% and Australia 1.12%)
  • Majority of our visitors check our site on their mobile phones (57.39%)

Our most popular posts

Looks like the two posts we’ve written about Kauai are all time favorites! They are among the first ones we published and they attract the most visitors almost each and every day ever since. What could we say… it’s worth visiting Kauai! 😀

As we focus on photography just as much as on stories we collected the most popular photo essays: (surprise, surprise, Kauai is there again…)

Our favorite posts

Writing popular posts is one thing. Then there are the ones that may not be so popular but are the dearest to us. Here they are from the past year:

Finally, posts about some of our favorite newly discovered destinations:

Our most popular video

Whether you might or might not noticed we kicked off our YouTube travel channel and started to learn how to create videos. Our most popular piece so far is the one that invites you for a short walk through Warsaw, the underrated capital of an underrated country – Poland:

Subscribe and prepare for a lot more captures of the wonderful places we’ve explored! (And prepare for the moment when we decide to start talking in them in our unique Hungarian accent. 😛 )

Our biggest disappointment

Ups and downs are a natural part of life and we had some disappointments in blogging, too. The biggest of all is… Instagram. While it’s not strictly part of our blog, we are present on Instagram. But those stupid games to “gain as much followers as possible, as soon as possible, no matter how” made us tired. Just like the generated comments with all the smiles and hearts and stars and flames (what the hell is a flame supposed to mean anyway?). Is there any point in trying to interact there? Not to mention that Instagram can be blamed for ruining a lot of wonderful places all around the world. (Yeah, we know it’s not that simple but still… ) Do we really want to be part of this?

Our plans

Gosau Valley, Austria

The more we travel the more we realize how unique, beautiful and fragile our world is. While travel is available to more and more people – which is a good thing! – it brings new challenges. Some cities and national parks cope with massive amount of tourists they can’t handle. Protecting our planet often seems to be less important than getting profit from tourism. Recklessness and negligence cause irreversible damages but so does lack of knowledge.

Travel has taught us to appreciate the unique beauties of our world. The more we realize how many incredible treasures it has the more determined we become to protect it. It raises a lot of questions and we are searching for answers. Nature has always been in focus in our lives and on this blog. From now on we don’t only want to show you where to find amazing places but also what we can do to protect them. And we want to educate ourselves about these topics just as much as anyone else!

So happy birthday to us and let’s get back to work, there’s a lot to do!

Have you been following us on this journey? What does travel mean to you?



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By Beata Urmos

Bea is the co-founder of Our Wanders. She’s the writer and the trip organizer, and she’d love to help you plan your own amazing trips! She likes hiking, good novels and chocolate, as well. Her motto is: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” (John A. Shedd)

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