17 Fairy Tale Scenes From Slovenia

Once upon a time there was a tiny little country on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Maybe it was tiny but it had quite some wonderful secrets. Like its huge mountains on the northwest that towered above the green meadows. Their peaks were snow-capped even in the summer and they were home to countless crystal clear lakes and mountain rivers. And if you explored them with your eyes wide open you could find those charming waterfalls and canyons they were hiding.

This tiny country had caves so large that the mightiest kings would have been envy of their giant halls decorated by beautiful dripstone formations. And it had secret azure bays and beaches. The people of this country lived in peaceful villages and lovely cities that had the prettiest streets full of colorful houses.

Well, okay, to be honest this fairy tale was occasionally disturbed by crazy impatient drivers on the narrow mountain roads and random heavy thunderstorms in the mountains. But the good news is that it’s not a place from fairy tales either. It very well exists and we painted this dreamy picture about one of our favorite countries: Slovenia. Let me present some evidence. Then you go and find out the rest. 🙂

Ljubljana, the capital

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lake Bled

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

Soča Valley

Soca Valley, Slovenia

Soca Valley, Slovenia

Peričnik Waterfall

Pericnik Waterfall, Slovenia

Tolmin Gorges

Tolmin Gorges, Slovenia

Piran, Slovenia’s lovely “little Venice”

Piran, Slovenia

Strunjan peninsula

Strunjan peninsula, Slovenia

Peace of the countryside

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Road trip through Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

The hidden gems of Triglav

Hike to Kozjak Waterfall, Slovenia

Lake Jasna, Slovenia

Have you been to Slovenia? What are some of your favorite countries?


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6 comments on “17 Fairy Tale Scenes From SloveniaAdd yours →

  1. Oh my lord your photos are amazing! Honestly, I still don’t know how to pronounce or even spell out the capital of Slovenia (see why I avoided writing the name out?) Hahaha and crazy driver, heard that it gets crazier and crazier the further east you go in Europe! =P

    1. That’s the stereotype, yeah, but the case is similar the souther you go, too. But our most terrifying driving experience was actually in Paris on a weekday morning. 😀

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